Kim Kardashian Reveals Kardashian Family Allows Her to Have Boundaries

Kim Kardashian says Kardashian's form gives her boundaries that Keeping Up With the Kardashians didn't have.

Kim Kardashian knows The Kardashians has a different format than Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but she loves that the new show lets her have boundaries. Fans don't understand how the Hulu series is different from the long-running E! exhibit. They thought the new series was boring and didn't deliver the same drama as KUTWK. Part of the problem is that everything the family discusses in the Kardashian clan has been shared in the press or across social media. This makes it difficult for the Kardashians to shock their fans with the show's content. Fans also wish they had an in-depth look at Kim and Kanye West's drama.

However, Kim likes that she doesn't have to show the Kardashians what she doesn't want to show. Kim joins her friend Gwyneth Paltrow on her podcast, The goop Podcast, where she talks about how the Kardashians are different from KUWTK, and why she likes the new one better. series. According to Kim, because she has more creative control over the Hulu series, she can set boundaries and talk about things she can't on KUWTK. She mentioned that she thought E! audience won't Interested to hear about her experience in law school and even more interested in doing fun things with her family.

Fans Don't Like The Kardashians Format

Kim said the show's documentary-style format "gives me the beauty of boundaries." Kim explained that when she first started dating someone, she didn't want them on the show because she decided she didn't like them anymore up. The reality star also said she loves that the series shows a different side of herself and her family, which KUWTK would not allow. During Kardashians Season 1, Kim briefly mentioned the start of her relationship with Pete Davidson, and he soon appeared on Kardashians Season 2. Beyond that, Kim kept their relationship separate from the show.

Kim's argument makes a lot of sense, especially as she gets older and her kids become her number one priority, rather than fame and fortune like she did in her 20s. It's hard for her to continue to be so vulnerable in episodes when so many people in her life are affected. While fans wish she would show more of her dynamic with Kanye and all the public drama he causes, that might work against her children. Kim is very protective of her children and wants them to love their father and trust him to be a good man. It makes sense why she needs to set boundaries with the Kardashians.

Unfortunately, fans aren't very well informed about the new format, and they've made some good points of their own. For more than a decade, the Kardashians have delivered high-quality reality television by giving fans an original look into their lives. Fans have a right to be upset about a sudden change, especially when the new format doesn't entertain them as much as KUWTK. Fans loved the comedic moments, and Kim couldn't help but cry every time. There must be a way for the family to maintain their boundaries and still be more open to fans of the Kardashians. Hopefully they can come to conclusions that apply to everyone.

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