Jensen Ackles Teases Soldier Boy's Return in Season 4

Jensen Ackles teases his character Soldier Boy will be returning in the upcoming season 4 of The Boys with a behind-the-scenes special.

Actor Jensen Ackles teases that Soldier Boys will be returning in the upcoming season 4 of The Boys. The Boys is a superhero satire based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The Amazon Prime Video show follows the Justice League sim "The Seven" in the universe. A group of largely unmotivated vigilante "boys" with a feud with superheroes band together to stop Vought International, the corporation that controls superheroes. Ackles made his debut in The Boys Season 3 as the original superhero Soldier Boy.

Ackles teased his return as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 4 on Instagram. Ackles shared a close-up of Soldier Boy from season 3, aptly captioned "Love these peepers". Can't wait to wear the suit. This is my Christmas wish. The Return of the Soldier Boy The Boys will be a hit with audiences, as the character and Ackles' performance have been generally well-received by critics and audiences alike. Ackles' public Christmas wish may come true, as it appears the boys have scheduled his inevitable Back. Check out Ackles' post below:

How Soldier Boy Could Return In The Boys Season 4

The Boys season 3 finale leaves Soldier Boy alive but trapped in a secure facility unconscious while Mallory tends to him. Hughie and the rest of the team on Frenchie's nerves Soldier Boy was stopped by the poison and the selfless Queen Maeve, who together jumped out of the building to protect the team from the impending energy burst. Maeve was rendered powerless because of Soldier Boy's explosion effects. Luckily , Maeve accepts her new condition and uses it to evade the gazes of Homelander and her girlfriend, making the character's time in The Boys look like it's over.

With Soldier Boys season 3 ending locked in, someone has to Free him and bring Ackles back in Season 4. That person could be none other than Congresswoman Victoria Newman, who will be running for Vice President of the United States in the new season. After Homelander's father in Soldier Boy is revealed, if Neuman wakes him up, Ackles' character will certainly be ready to face Homelander, whom he called a disappointment in The Boys season 3 finale. The return of the soldier boy is also bad news for Butcher's team, taking their focus away from Neuman's political ambitions

Everything We Know About The Boys Season 4

The Boys season 4 needs to deal with the political fallout left over from season 3. Neumann will run for vice president alongside presidential candidate Robert Singer, who chose her for the post after his original choice died The role. Neuman asked Homelander to kill Singer's choice in exchange for his son Ryan's place. Homelander then let The Deep take over, which he delivered. Butcher went on to tell his team that Neuman was their next target and was ready to make the character the No. The villain of season 4. Neuman needs the help of Soldier Boy to deal with all the threats that are coming, especially when a murderous Homelander gets public praise alongside his son Ryan who smiles at the ordeal and should Proving to be an interesting character to follow when The Boys Season 4 comes.

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