Jensen Ackles in a cardigan is the perfect thirst trap for boys fans

Actor Adam Rose makes another TikTok featuring Jensen Ackles in a cardigan, and it's the perfect thirst trap for fans of The Boys and Soldier Boys .

Boys fans should be delighted with Jensen Ackles' latest cardigan. After a long run on "Supernatural," Akers joined the cast of Prime Video's "The Boys" in Season 3. He plays Soldier Boy, an augmented individual with superpowers that rival the prowess of a Homelander (Anthony Starr). The Boys was renewed for season 4 in June, with the release of season 3 beginning the same month.

Adam Rose recently gave his followers what they wanted on TikTok, another Ackles thirst trap. Rose has previously worked with Ackles and also guest-starred as Aaron Bass on Supernatural for two episodes. In August, he released Ackles' Thirst Trap in a cardigan, and recently, he gave fans a glimpse of the long-awaited sequel. Check out the TikToks below:

Will Jensen Ackles Return As Soldier Boy In The Boys Season 4?

While fans really love the cardigan, they'd also like to see Ackles don his soldier boy uniform in The Boys Season 4. At the end of season 3, Soldier Boy met a rather ambiguous ending. Throughout the season, Soldier Boy possesses a healing factor that makes killing him extremely difficult. As a result, once he goes rogue, the boys take He goes down, and the best they can do is put him back in a locked airbag to contain him. However, Soldier Boy is alive and can be freed from his containment once again.

So far, Prime Video has not officially announced that Ackles will return in The Boys Season 4 as Soldier Boy. However, it has been teased. Back in August, a photo of Karl Urban and Jack Quaid on the set of Season 4 was posted on Urban's Instagram. Ackles posted a cryptic comment, writing, "Pour me double...I'm on my way," which fans took as a tease for his return. Later, the boys' Twitter page shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Ackles appearing to be exercising his Soldier Boy physique, captioning the photo, "More like Shoulder Boy, innit."

Based on the teases, Soldier Boy may Returns in Season 4 of The Boys. If he does return, it could spell trouble for The Boys. As seen in Season 3, Soldier Boy takes revenge on his betrayal of his old club during World War II by turning him over to the Russians. So, if freed from his capsule, he might go after The boys are equally hungry for revenge, considering Butcher (the city) betrayed him after recruiting him to kill Homelander. However, Soldier Boy's return could also be a good thing for them, as he's the only Superman who's come close to winning the battle with Homelander so far. While it hasn't been confirmed yet, Ax's return as the soldier boy could get a lot of use in season 4.

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