James Gunn Debunks Green Lantern Series Rumors

DC Studios co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn has debunked rumors of a Green Lantern TV series, as an HBO Max live-action series has been in development.

DC Studios boss James Gunn has debunked rumors of a Green Lantern TV series following reports about the HBO Max TV series. As far as live-action movies go, 2022 will be a year of massive transformation for the DC brand. Although filming has been completed, some projects have been canceled, including the Batgirl movie. With the launch of DC Studios, Warner Bros. Discovery will take the DCU in a new direction. HBO Max's Green Lantern show is a project that has been in the works for several years. Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti serves as executive producer of the streaming service's live-action DC series.

More recently, there have been rumors that HBO Max's Green Lantern series has been cancelled. The reason, presumably, was that Gunn had plans for the property, which canceled the show. It didn't take long, though, for Gunn to respond to the Green Lantern rumors. While Gunn has teased that Green Lantern could have an active role in the DCU, the show has apparently not been swayed by his film plans. The co-CEO of DC Studios debunked rumors that the HBO Max series had been canceled on Twitter, with the following response:

Everything We Know About The Green Lantern TV Show

Originally, The Green Lantern show will focus on the many Emerald Knights from different time periods. The HBO Max sci-fi drama originally starred Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine as Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, respectively. Allen's arc will be explored in the 1940s, while Guy's story will be set in the 1970s. Green Lantern will also star Simon Bartz, Jessica Cruz, Sinestro and Kilowog. Seth Graham-Smith was originally tapped to run the show after HBO Max placed a 10-episode order.

However, after nearly two years in the works, it was announced this fall that HBO Max would be redeveloping Green Lantern. Grahame-Smith is no longer involved with the series as the project is looking for a new showrunner. The project will instead focus on John Stewart, rather than the ensemble series originally envisioned. This was the result of Walter Hamada's departure from DC Films, who apparently prevented the show from using John. Since the new Green Lantern development will center on John, this will be the first live-action project to follow the popular hero.

It is unclear if Green Lantern will be a part of it DCU, as HBO Max has completed film-related projects. It wouldn't be a surprise if the HBO Max series ends up connecting to Gunn's new universe. Since Gunn is working on a new Superman movie that will focus on the young Iron Man, this would be a way to incorporate John into the new franchise. With a clean slate, this would be the perfect opportunity to make John the DCU's Green Lantern alongside the rest of the Justice League characters. Since John is a fan favorite, it made sense to place Green Lantern in the DCU, allowing for more connection between the show and the movie.

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