Insidious 5's Patrick Wilson Gets James Wan's Vote of Confidence

Insidious 5's Patrick Wilson has a lot of trust from James Wan, who likens the actor-turned-director to franchise creator Leigh Worner.

Insidious 5's Patrick Wilson gets a vote of confidence from producer James Wan after more than a decade together. Wilson returns to the horror franchise for the first time since 2013's Insidious: Chapter 2, reprising his role as Lambert patriarch Josh, Ty Simpkins as son Dalton and Rose Byrne as wife Rene. Insidious 5 will also see Wilson directing for the first time based on a script by Halloween Kills' Scott Timms, and one of the creatives working on the project is excited to see what Wilson brings to the table.

James Wan talks about next year's Insidious 5 when discussing the killer doll movie M3GAN with The Hollywood Reporter. Producers had a big vote of confidence in Patrick Wilson, who will return both stars in the sequel and make his iconic directorial debut, with Wan even comparing Wilson to Insidious series creator and longtime collaborator Leigh Whannell. See what Wan shared below: ^Wilson's being the man behind Insidious 5 marks an exciting continuation of James Wan's legacy, as the horror genre vets paves the way for collaborators to enter the field Director's chair. The franchise itself saw creator Leigh Whannell helm Insidious: Chapter 3 in his directorial debut, and has since helmed 2018's sci-fi action-thriller Escalation and 2020's The Invisible Man reboot. , both films received widespread critical acclaim. Likewise, under his direction on The Conjuring Universe, the likes of Michael Chavez and Gary Dauberman progressed from their directorial debuts The Curse of La Llorona and The Return of Annabelle to better-known works, Includes The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do This and The Fate of Salem.

Well, we all love Patrick. I've done one or two films with that guy. But I'm super excited for what Patrick's doing with Insidious. One of the things I love best about working with Patrick Wilson is that we don't actually talk about the movie that we are making on set. We geek out about all the movies that we loved growing up, because Patrick and I are roughly of the same generation. We're just constantly geeking out about John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China and all these movies. Patrick reminds me a little bit of Leigh Whannell in that they are not just actors slash whatever; they are filmmakers as well. They're film buffs, and being film buffs, they look at acting from the point of view of what the final film will be like. And so that actually helps inform them as filmmakers. So I'm always very excited when people like Leigh Whannell and Patrick Wilson want to jump behind the camera.

Insidious 5 Continues A Wan Tradition

After making the feature-length adaptation of Flame Out, Wan also helped land David F. Sandberg on the list of directors from horror to superhero, from Annabelle: Genesis " to next year's "Shazam"! wrath of the gods. Given that Wilson already has a connection to the DC Universe through Wan's Aquaman movie, it will be interesting to see if he can similarly make the leap to more blockbuster filmmaking after Insidious 5, if he so chooses. Even if he doesn't choose to make that leap, Wan's praise of Wilson's work on Insidious 5 and the comparison to Whannell should prove It's a promising sign for fans of the horror franchise.

According to Whannell's treatment of the story, "Insidious 5" will see Wilson and Simpkins return as Josh and Dalton 10 years after the events of the first two films, and the two will travel to an Ivy League school. Covered college sends young Lambert, only to have their demons come back to haunt them both. At the time of writing, it's unclear if the film will see the return of the fan-favorite Lipstick Demon from previous Insidious films, or if Whannell, Angus Sampson, or Lin Shaye will reprise their roles as Specs in the film. , Tucker and Elise. Movie. After filming wraps up in August, audiences will have to keep their eyes open for the sequel before it hits theaters on July 7.

Everything We Know About Insidious 5

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