Ice Age: The 10 Funniest Scrat Moments From The Movie Series, Ranked

Scratt begins and ends the Ice Age movie with his hilarious antics. Here are his funniest moments in the original franchise, ranked.

Movies coming out in 2022 (like the recent Disillusionment) are a testament to the continued love for childhood nostalgia, with movies and franchises from a decade ago getting everything from sequels to spinoffs to stay relevant and profitable. The beloved Ice Age franchise is no exception, returning to the silver screen with Barkerveld's Ice Age Adventures and the Tale of Mouse and Mouse.

The latter is especially popular with fans, not only because of its short, easy-to-understand content, but also because it brings back the unsung hero of the Ice Age series: Rat Rat. Even though Scrat isn't part of the main story, he's one of the most popular characters in the series thanks to his memorable subplots and acorn-obsessed ways. He has many hilarious moments throughout the film series, from causing continental drift to destroying Scratlantis.

His Introduction

Ice Age

From his first screen appearance, it was clear that Mouse was going to be a hilarious character. From his futile attempt to put an acorn in the ice, to his funny little voice and erratic demeanor, he managed to set the tone for the first film's hilarity while also establishing himself as a chaotic secondary role.

This scene is full of great timing and classic Scrat comedy as he lets his love Because Acorn put his life in danger and ended up trampled to death.

Scrat Vs. The UFO's Automatic Door

Ice Age: Collision Course

After finally (again) reuniting with his Acorn, the Rat takes Acorn away from him again, thanks to an automatic door that seems determined to separate them.

As the scene repeats, with the door changing direction to close, Shushu's signature goofy face and noise, and an all-too-unlucky ending, this is easily one of his funniest scenes. Plus, its entertainment factor is a testament to Ice Age's effectiveness as a long-running animated franchise that keeps releasing new content.

Scrat Vs. The Sirens

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Not only is Continental Drift one of the best Blue Sky Research movies, but it also showcases some of Scrat's funniest moments, such as how he handles being lured by an alarm.

Scrat's funny response to Scratte's callback, the way he casually wrestles the Kraken by mistaking it for his acorn, and the echo of his signature scream when he tries to drive the puck away from the Kratte, all of which Both make it his best and most hilarious scene.

Trying To Stop The Meltdown

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Just as he did in the first film, Ratty Rats sparks another The giant glacier is cracked, but this time global warming is causing it to grow even more after the melt started.

Scrat climbs the massive ice structure, gets his tongue stuck, but still heroically reaches his acorn. When he manages to remove it, the ice starts spewing water, and his subsequent attempts to control it (effectively turning himself into a water balloon in the process) are hilarious and classic rat shit.

Continuing The Cycle With A Coconut

Ice Age

The end of the first ice age depicts a frozen skaven slowly thawing next to his acorn 20,000 years later. When his acorns were swept away by the waves before they thawed, Squiat found a coconut he liked.

Scrat having his new fixation put him in the exact same situation as at the beginning of the film, only this time causing the volcano to erupt. Not only does this scene bring his comedy back to square one, but it also reassures viewers that Mice's silliness will remain a staple of the series, a highlight of one of the funniest animated films ever made.

Causing The Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Although Scrat is not one of the main members On the Ice Age crew, his side adventures often proved to influence the film's storyline, often thanks to him being responsible for catastrophic events such as continental drift.

Not only is this scene one of his funniest for its utterly unrealistic and absurdity, but it also depicts some of Rat's most unfortunate misadventures, from traveling to the core of the Earth to his loss of Oak again son. Not to mention his obvious contributions to some of the wonders of the world.

Scrat Chooses Love

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Although Acorn was seen as the only true love of Skrates' life, this changed in Dawn of the Dinosaurs when he met Skrates.

Although the two initially competed for Acorn, even their animosity was fraught with tension, chemistry, and unabashed flirtation, when Squiat eventually gave up Acorn in order to be with his new love , their romance reached its peak. Scrat's initial hesitation, the overly dramatic moments with Scrat, and him kicking off the acorn he's so obsessed with, all make this one of his funniest (and surprisingly endearing) scenes.

Sid Brings Him Back To Life

Ice Age: The Meltdown

While it may not be considered a perfect masterpiece of animated film, the second Ice The period film has plenty of moments of redemption, especially considering it has many funny mouse-mouse scenes.

Of these, Sid's resurrection of the dead Rat is undoubtedly the funniest. Arriving in the afterlife, Scrat finally had access to every acorn he could imagine - the only real paradise he wanted - only to be rudely resurrected by Sid. Squiat's reaction when he sees all the acorns, the soft swell music in the background, his sudden realization that he's alive again, and his attack on a bewildered Sid all showcase Squiat at his best Comedy flair.

Leaving Scratte For The Acorn

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Despite appearing to be in love with Scratt early in the film, Sklatt eventually tires of their married life and finds himself wanting acorns again, much to Sklatt's chagrin.

Scratt's comical demeanor, Skratet's failure to try to be cautious, and the joy on his face as he rediscovers his lost enthusiasm for Acorns, are a comic treat for the audience. Furthermore, it puts the Ratman narrative back on track, with his obsession with acorns being a defining and constant trait of his.

Destroying Scratlantis

Ice Age: Continental Drift

By far the funniest scene in the original Ice Age series is when Scrat accidentally destroys Scratlantis. in the fourth movie. From the moment he is approached by "Ariscratle" to greedily snatching every acorn in sight, the scene is laughable.

What's more interesting is that when the rest of Scratlantis tries to urge Scrat to "beyond this basic desire and not be a rodent", he pauses, abruptly changes direction and ruins it all. It perfectly describes everything that Scrat loves and is a hilarious highlight of the series.

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