Hunter X Hunter Just Changed What We Know About Nen

The already super-complex Nen powertrain in Hunter x Hunter has gotten even more complicated with the release of a lot of shocking new information.

The famous powertrain used in Hunter X Hunter, called Nen, has been completely changed without most fans of the series, created by Yoshihiro Togashi, even noticing it. An exhibition of the manga artist's work (exhibition: Togashi Yoshihiro -PUZZLE-) being held in Roppongi presents two diagrams with revealing information about Nen based on Togashi's own notes, which contribute to the already complex electricity used in Hunter The system introduces new important rules X Hunter.

One of the reasons Hunter X Hunter is so successful is its author's ability to create complex rule systems that would put any professional game designer to shame. The prime example is Nen, the power system used in the series, based on the simple concept of harnessing "life energy", which later evolved into one of the most unique and detailed special ability frameworks to appear in manga. After fans have spent decades trying to understand the nuances of the Nen, in order to fully appreciate the beauty of Hunter X Hunter's ultra-brain combat, they now realize they may have to start from scratch.

Two diagrams presented at the Togashi exhibition in Roppongi, translated, shared and commented on Reddit Developed by user VeraciousCake, it contains never-before-revealed information that changes not only understanding of how powertrains work, but many of the important characters in Hunter X Hunter. The first chart shows the famous six "Nen Types," the six different types of auras that identify each individual's unique affinities. However, it is now discovered that Nen User can also fall between two of these types, and (actually most people do), rather than have a single affinity as was thought until now. Instead, the second chart introduces a new system for identifying the extent to which an individual has mastered their Nen abilities. Each Nen type now has four proficiency levels: Great, Excellent, Genius, and Ultimate.

Hunter X Hunter Has Made Important Changes To Nen And To Some Major Characters

Probably the greatest contribution of these diagrams is the clarification of the concept types of many characters that were never overtly stated in the series. However, with new information about type placement and ratings, this revolutionized the Nen system, challenging many established assumptions. For example, Isaac Netero, the 12th President of the Hunters Guild and one of the strongest characters in the series, is now avowedly a pure enhancer (ultimate class). for For reference, Gon was only at Great level, reaching Ultimate briefly during the fight with Pitou at the cost of losing his Nen. This confirms that Netero's strongest ability, Avalokiteshvara, is actually rooted in his weakest abilities of mindfulness, mantra and manipulation. After defeating Nitero, Meruem, the chimera ant king who thought he was also an enhancer, turned out to be the ultimate launcher, which was beyond everyone's expectations.

The changes (or rather clarifications) introduced by the Nen system go far beyond that (especially with regards to the new hybrid affinities for characters), and for a full overview of them it's best to consult the translations posted on Reddit, or the very helpful explanation by Videos from the always reliable NewWorldReview on his YouTube channel. Nen remains one of the best and funniest features in Hunter X Hunter, and the fact that it's gotten more complicated certainly won't scare fans of the series.

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