How Wednesday and Enid's relationship came together in their costumes

Designer Colleen Atwood breaks down how Wednesday and Enid's relationship came together in the outfits they created for Tim Burton's Netflix series.

Wednesday's costume designer Colleen Atwood shares how Wednesday and Enid's relationship came together in their outfits. Atwood's costumes were praised for creating the show's unique aesthetic, but staying true to the Addams family franchise. A frequent collaborator with executive producer Tim Burton, Atwood is no stranger to Wednesday's supernatural comedy-horror genre. Atwood's outstanding costume designs have earned her numerous accolades, including four Academy Awards.

In a recent conversation with People Magazine, Atwood gave insight into how the relationship between Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and Enid (Emma Myers) was cemented by their outfits. She revealed that their wardrobes were designed "in tandem" and purposefully contrasted, with everything from hair and makeup to fabric texture determined by the two characters side by side. While Enid's character emphasizes the "power of color," Wednesday's image faithfully fits the "black and white" scheme. Check out more of what she shared below: ^Wednesday and Enid's outfits reflect their very different personalities and perspectives. Enid's bright, upbeat, caring personality sets off Wednesday's gothic, deadpan morbidity. Although they sometimes clash throughout the series, the two roommates quickly develop a strong friendship and begin to Take care of each other. Enid is crucial to Wednesday's character development, challenging her to develop outside of her family and respond to situations with more empathy. Given that the pair's budding friendship trumped any personal feelings about their male love interest, fans — and the actress herself — are shipping Wednesday and Enid's romance.

We sort of did [Wednesday and Enid] in tandem. We started with Jenna, and she came in, and we played with her hair. We did the little freckles and things that were added to make Wednesday more today, and then Enid came in. We knew we wanted to mess with her hair. Paul Hanlon brought all these wigs that had different colors in them, and we played around with colors.Tim says, 'I want it to look like [Enid] does it herself, and every week she tries a different thing, and it doesn't really work.' So that's how we got the hair and makeup going. I'd seen a picture of the concept for the set, and I wanted to keep a strength in the color. I didn't want the girliness of pastels to be expected.Enid is from the lupine branch of the family, so I used furrier textures on her that were soft, but sort of bristly. I used graphics on her that had more of a balance for the black and white on Wednesday.

Wednesday and Enid Prove Opposites Attract

There is no doubt that Wednesday's and Enid's relationship will be central as the show continues, another opportunity to showcase Ortega and Meier's on-screen chemistry. As Wednesday's journey as a complex but compelling antihero continues, Enid will be there to balance her out and influence her, just as she did in season 1. Wednesday season 2 may bring the duo back to life in Nevermore, with a new and unknown headmaster following the death of Gwendoline Christie's Weems. Instead of acting in isolation, Wednesday has someone she trusts by her side to solve any trouble she has, including the mystery of who is following Wednesday and why, as foreshadowed in the season finale's creepy cliffhanger.

Wednesday and Enid's Future In Season 2 Explained

Atwood already has costume ideas for the show's second season, and was excited to present Wednesday and Enid's bond and the "continuing dichotomy." Viewers have a lot to look forward to in this expansion of the Addams Family universe, aside from more iconic fashion choices. Netflix hasn't confirmed a new season yet, but with the spinoff's rave reviews and record-breaking ratings, it's only a matter of when, not if. It would be a pleasant but not unexpected surprise for viewers if Season 2, which is finally announced on Wednesday, also includes confirmation of a Season 3.

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