How to Watch the Indiana Jones Movies in Order (Chronological or Release Order)

Here's the best way to watch George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones movies, ordered by theater release date and time.

With Indiana Jones, director Steven Spielberg was able to create an iconic franchise, but some may wonder if there's really a correct order to watch these films. After The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, George Lucas teamed up with his good friend Steven Spielberg to bring the whip-wielding archaeologist to the big screen. Overall, the Raiders of the Lost Ark films have been huge box office successes, grossing nearly $2 billion worldwide. The success of the franchise has allowed the character to have his own exclusive theme park at Disneyland, and has been adapted into books, video games, and even action figure toys.

Each of the four films is not a coherent narrative, but its own standalone adventure. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is a major piece of the puzzle, which also includes his wife Marion Ravenwood (actress Karen Allen), their son Mutter Williams (Shia LaBeouf), and even Indiana Jones. No.'s father Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery). The Raiders of the Lost Ark movie owes its popularity to its fast-paced plots, lovable characters, and countless moments of humor. The scenery and cinematography along with the gritty action sequences keep viewers on the edge of their seats during the search for various ancient artifacts. with With the fifth movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, coming out next year in 2023, here's a guide on how to watch the Indiana Jones movies chronologically and in the order they were originally released.

The Best Way To Watch The Indiana Jones Movies (Chronologically)

Although the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies were not released in a linear timeline in the universe, the proper way to watch them in chronological order is not difficult to understand. George Lucas made Temple of Doom a prequel to Indiana Jones, mostly because producers didn't want to use Nazis as bad guys a second time. Given that the third and fourth films took place back-to-back, it's likely that Indiana Jones 5 will do the same and continue after the events of the fourth film. Including the TV series about young Indy, the chronological order of the series is as follows:

The Indiana Jones Movies In Order (By Release)

With the exception of the Temple of Doom, the stories in the Indiana Jones movies happen one after another, making it easy for the audience to understand. As seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, viewers can learn more about the life of young Indy and the relationship between him and his father. The Right Way to Watch These Movies Depends on How They Are Here's what's in theaters:

The Future of Indiana Jones' Franchise

With polarizing reviews for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it's been harder for Raiders of the Lost Ark 5 to wrap up iconic characters' stories and end the franchise on a good note. For starters, Steven Spielberg won't be directing Indiana Jones 5, and there won't be a story written by George Lucas. Disney+ has explored the possibility of developing a spinoff TV series for Indiana, but that would not have been possible without Harrison Ford, who has said that Indiana Jones 5 is his last journey as an adventurous archaeologist. Doing justice for this iconic hero is definitely possible, but only with the right pieces to make it happen. Until then, either way, it's pretty fun to watch the Indiana Jones movies in chronological or release order.

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