How to check if your AirTag firmware is updated to the latest version

Apple's AirTag trackers usually update automatically, but users can check their tracker's current firmware version on a connected iPhone.

Apple regularly releases over-the-air firmware updates for AirTags, which include updates that fix bugs, add features and attempt to eliminate security issues, and users can check their current version with a connected iPhone. Since its debut in April 2021, the AirTag has become one of the most popular Bluetooth trackers, but people have quickly found ways to use the tiny trackers for nefarious purposes. People have reported incidents of stalking and theft facilitated by hidden AirTags, prompting Apple to release a series of updates designed to protect people from covert tracking. But these updates will only work if installed, and it might be a good idea to check the AirTag's current firmware version. ^Apple AirTag settings and details can be viewed in the Find My app on devices signed in with the same Apple ID as the tracker. From there, users can see the AirTag's location and name, and play a sound through its embedded speaker. To check your AirTag's current firmware version, first open the Find My app and tap the Items tab. Then, select the assigned AirTag name in the list. After the item card of the Bluetooth tracker is opened, click Enter the name of the AirTag again to switch the information to serial and version numbers.

Users cannot manually update their AirTags, their devices must meet some minimum requirements for automatic updates of Bluetooth trackers. iPhones linked to AirTags must be running iOS 14.5 or later to update the tracker. When the AirTag is within Bluetooth range of a connected iPhone, the phone will install the firmware update. However, keep in mind that some features included in newer firmware updates may require newer versions of iOS.

How To Update An AirTag & See The Latest Version

AirTag item cards typically display the item's name, location, and the date or time the location was last updated. This information appears at the top of the card and is easily accessible with just a few taps. Tapping this information will swap the date or time the location was last updated with the AirTag's serial number and firmware version.

To view the latest AirTag firmware releases and review corresponding features and bug fixes, please visit Apple's AirTag Firmware Update Support page. The latest firmware version is 2.0.36, which fixes the accelerometer issue. Although AirTags are small and straightforward personal item trackers, Apple Firmware updates are released regularly to fix bugs, add new features, and address security or privacy threats.

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