How many people did Elaine date on Seinfeld (including Jerry)

Elaine Benes had plenty of short-term boyfriends on Seinfeld, but she still didn't have as many relationships as Jerry in nine seasons.

"Seinfeld" is known for its main characters' inability to maintain long-term relationships, with Elaine Benes dating a number of eccentric men over nine seasons. As the only woman on the main team, Elaine is responsible for bringing many of the most memorable male characters into Seinfeld's story through dating. In addition to Elaine's long-term relationship with Jerry before the sitcom, some of her most iconic important characters include Paddy, "The Secret Talker", Bizarro Jerry, New York Mets baseball player Keith Elle Nandez and unfortunately named Joel Rifkin.

Since the main character has a new girlfriend in almost every episode, it's no surprise that Jerry dated at least 73 women throughout Seinfeld, including Elaine. George Costanza had 62 girlfriends on the series, including his fiancée Susan and his date with actress Marisa Tomei, while Kramer only dated 27 women on Seinfeld. Elaine's relationship count falls between George and Kramer's, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character still seems to have the most relationships lasting more than one episode.

Elaine Dated At Least 50 Men Throughout Seinfeld

According to relationship statistics from the Seinfeld Season 9 Finale DVD Special, Elaine Benes dated 50 men who appeared or were mentioned on the sitcom. although Given the dates Seinfeld didn't include, that number could be higher, which makes sense given the multiepisode arcs of some of Elaine's boyfriends. Elaine's significant others dated more than one episode of Seinfeld, including Master, Paddy, Kevin, and Dr. Reston.

Most of Elaine's boyfriends lasted only one or two episodes, but her biggest long-term partners were Jerry Seinfeld and David Paddy. Elaine dated Jerry for a few years before the sitcom, and the two briefly reunited during Seinfeld season 2 when they were trying to create a "friends with benefits" dynamic. Elaine also dated David Paddy on and off in Seinfeld seasons 6 and 9, and their relationship seemed to end for good after Elaine went to prison in the series finale.

Why Jerry & Elaine Never Got Back Together On Seinfeld

Since the two characters had a pre-sitcom romance, it's possible that Jerry and Elaine would be a Seinfeld couple - but they wouldn't - however, that's not how Seinfeld works. As "Seinfeld" showrunner Larry David revealed in the sitcom's DVD special, NBC lobbied for Jerry and Elaine to have a romantic arc throughout the series, but David wasn't convinced The two characters will date again. David bows to online pressure Including an episode in season 2 of Seinfeld where Elaine and Jerry hook up again, but they never think about making them a couple again.

Even in Curb Your Enthusiasm's fictional reunion episode in Season 7, Larry David does not allow Jerry and Elaine to get back together, instead creating a conflict for the Seinfeld characters in which Jerry is Elaine's sperm donor. Still, Jerry and Elaine are oddly soul mates, but they may never last in another romantic relationship. During Seinfeld's final seasons, the sitcom occasionally hinted at Jerry and Elaine's unspeakable affection for each other in various storylines. But since Seinfeld was a "no hugs, no learning" series, the couple never had enough personal growth to have a successful relationship.

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