How the community's movie budget pays off old gimmicks

Community often has bottle episodes to work around budget issues, but Community movies can elevate old gags and plots with extended budgets.

The Community movie is officially in the works, sidestepping the question of whether creator Dan Harmon will be bringing back some endearing moments from the comedy show. While few plot details have been released, it's fun to think about how some of the best gags and gags could be revisited on the big screen. Community Films fulfilled Abed's claim that their show would last "six seasons and one movie," so the pressure was on to bring these characters back in a meaningful but entertaining way.

Some storylines remained unresolved by the end of the show's sixth season, and with the study groups parting ways, it was important for the community film to find a way to bring the characters back to Greendale. The shenanigans are sure to ensue as the team reunites, but it remains to be seen how and if the old gags will work for the movie. The possibilities seem endless, but there's no doubt that Dan Harmon will create something interesting for viewers.

Paintball Fight

One of the best recurring jokes in the Community is the paintball episode that took place in seasons 1, 2, 4, and 6. While each episode has its own flair And pop culture comedy references, Dan Harmon would be remiss not trying to bring paintball into community cinema. The episodes are always fun and engaging, and with the film's budget, it's possible to further develop the classic community-school paintball game without feeling rushed like it sometimes does in the series.

The Return Of The Darkest Timeline

A recurring subplot of the darkest timeline, beginning with "Community" season 3, episode 4 "Remedial Chaos Theory", featuring the evil Abed and the evil Jeff - who lost an arm - — and Troy, who destroyed his voice box and now speaks through a machine. At one point, these darker, more sinister versions of the study group jumped out of reality, causing problems for characters in the normal timeline. While it's pretty outrageous, it was a fun time, and the shenanigans were recurring. A community movie could provide more insight into what happened after Troy and Abed's housewarming party in the community's darkest timeline. ^The community has never shied away from making fun of other shows or different show formats, and the documentary was mocked a few times. One of the most famous community sim documentaries is the Season 3 episode 14, "Pillows and Blankets," sees Troy and Abed create dueling blankets and pillow forts. It's another gimmick that community cinema can expand on further; whether it's Abed's first film or one that's referenced, it's a pleasure to watch.


Community Season 5 Episode 3 "Basic Hip Numismatics" follows Jeff and Annie as they try to solve the case of the newly emerged Ass Crack Bandit, and just as they're about to find the culprit, Shirley announces that Pierce is dead, The mystery remains unsolved. This storyline could be expanded upon, and is one of the reasons Anne returns to Greendale, as the case remains unsolved.

The Return Of The Ass Crack Bandit

Troy's farewell episode is one of the more interesting insights into Abed's mind and love for his best friend. To give Troy a proper goodbye — and try to convince him to stay — Abed played a game of lava with the entire Greendale campus. It's these games that give Greendale a personality and the special effects are great, so community movies can improve and expand on this old formula and make it a good way Bring back Donald Glover's Troy Barnes.

The Floor Is Lava And Other Campus-Wide Games

Troy and Abed's Morning Show was one of the more endearing recurring jokes, but was never actually taped. Not only does it mock the morning show, but it generally annoys guests when they realize it wasn't taped. There have been different iterations of the show, some of which include Annie or their shared apartment. It would be great if Community Movies would play a version of this fan-favorite joke, and it would be great to see Danny Pudi and Donald Glover ad-lib with each other again.

Troy And Abed In The Morning

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