Hive Social rolls out more app fixes, but there's still a long way to go

The latest update to Hive, version 2.1.2, brings back push notifications, improves image resolution, and aims to make text entry and interactions smoother.

Hive Social made a series of improvements to its iOS and Android apps this week, as it returns to rocky status after a temporary shutdown earlier this month. The fledgling social platform has become a popular destination for ex-Twitterers who have severed ties to the site since Elon Musk took the helm. However, Hive isn't necessarily equipped to handle such rapid growth, and has been working for weeks to fix usability issues and harden security.

Hive's latest update, version 2.1.2, brings back push notifications - a feature that has been broken by many users since the app was brought back online in mid-December. It also improves image quality, increasing the resolution of "avatar images, profile banners, post feed items, and discovery preview images." Version 2.1.2 should also make text entry and basic interactions like comments and replies more fluid.

The Fixes Just Keep Coming

In the updated release notes, the developer states that Hive users will now see more comments displayed below posts, and that "clicking 'Reply' automatically focuses the comment text input." Previously, some users reported that comments were not displayed consistently , nor did they reply. Hive will now also automatically capitalize words at the beginning of a Sentences when typing comments or posts, and improved Search While Typing. According to the release notes, text is now also selectable.

Hive will now "require users to accept [the] Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy", a move that is not surprising considering many users view Hive as a less toxic online gathering space. This update also improves modding tools.

Unfortunately for users waiting to fix other features of Hive such as DMs or profile songs, this is the current update. On Twitter, though, interestingly, a Hive representative noted that DM will be fixed when an update rolls out next week. For those still reporting that the application doesn't work at all - and there are many of them - they will have to continue to be patient if they want to stick with Hive Social.

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