Hades 2: Who is Melinoë's witch ally, Hecate?

Hades 2's main character, Melinoë, will be assisted throughout the game by her witch ally, Hecate. Here's everything you need to know about Hecate.

In the first trailer for Pluto 2, a Greek goddess named Hecate can be seen training and urging protagonist Melinoe to follow her destiny, but Hecate herself remains a mysterious being . Hades 2's release date, or even its entry into Early Access, is unknown, so there's still plenty of time for Supergiant Games to reveal more about Hecate and her connection to Melinoë. Until then, however, Greek mythology provides a great deal of insight into Hecate.

As a direct sequel to Hades, based on the trailer alone, there are many connections between the two games, both subtle and direct. Elements of the original Hades' ending set up the sequel, making it possible to play (or replay) Hades' arguments before Hades 2's release. However, one major difference between Hades and Hades 2 as seen in the trailer is that Melinoë has such a powerful ally, training her for the final battle against the time titan Chronos, while Zagreus has a Warden in Nyx and a Mentor in A Karius, and under the guidance of various other teachers and gods. If Hecate was intended to be Melinoe's guiding figure and witch ally, then the myths behind her Extremely important to gameplay and storytelling.

The Mythology Behind Hades 2's Witch Goddess Hecate

In addition to every new Greek god confirmed for Hades 2, Hecate is not a Supergiant Games invention, but a real person from Greek mythology. Throughout ancient Greece, Hecate was known as the Goddess of Borders, Goddess of Crossroads, Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of Witchcraft/Witchcraft, Necromancer, Goddess of Ghosts, and, moreover, her superb knowledge of poisonous plants and herbs. Hecate played an important role as a household deity, worshiped in many parts of Greece, and had various cult followings, especially among witches. Often, the goddess is depicted in three bodies or three forms, as she stands the guardian of the crossroads and is able to see in all directions. According to legend, Hecate also received great honors and ruled the different realms of heaven, earth, and sea.

How Hecate's Mythology Could Play A Role In Hades 2

Looking back at the mythology and history of the goddess Hecate, it is undeniable how important she was in ancient Greece, or that she was one of the most important mythological figures forgotten outside Hades. Due to her association with entering the crossroads and the space between the worlds, Hecate is also believed to be the goddess of the underworld, also known as the goddess of the underworld. The poet Theocritus described Hecate as " key," capable of unlocking the gates of death. This may prove to be extremely important to her role as Melinoë's witch ally, as Melinoë must defeat Chronos through new depths of the underworld.

Whatever it is for May in Pluto 2 For Linoe, the goddess Hecate must be one of the most important roles of the protagonist. As the identity of the protagonist Melinoe in "Pluto 2" is revealed, more information about Hecate will also be revealed .As the mythology unfolds, there are many different aspects and traits of Hecate that can manifest in Hades 2, even enough to transform her from a one-body appearance in the trailers to a three-body horror later in the game. Find out what Hecate is really like Status only gets her excited about her character and Melinoë, as anticipation rises for Hades 2, Supergiant Games' first sequel.

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