God Of War Ragnarok: What Makes Odin Kratos The Perfect Villain

Odin is the perfect villain in Ragnarok, not only because of his charisma and intelligence, but also because of his representation of Kratos.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.]

Odin is the perfect foil against Kratos in Ragnarok, as he highlights Kratos' growth as a person. Unlike the muscular and formidable-looking Zeus, Odin is designed as a charming old man who seems more suited to the role of wise mentor than villain, but that's just a mask, as players will soon discover.

^ God of War Ragnarok introduces Odin early in the game, having him visit Kratos and Atreus' home with Thor. At first, Odin seemed to be a reasonable man, offering Kratos a truce and offering to take care of Freya for him, but Kratos rejected his offer, which made Odin drop his pretense and order Thor to deal with Kratos . This quick interaction shows Odin's true nature as Ragnarok's scheming villain.

In God of War Ragnarok, Odin shares many similarities with a young Kratos, as both characters cannot see the past and are only concerned with their own problems. Driven by hatred, the young Kratos will do whatever it takes to raze Mount Olympus to the ground, even at the expense of innocent lives. Odin doesn't care about hurting others, as long as it satisfies his curiosity and assuages ​​his fears. While there are good reasons behind Kratos' hatred and actions, that doesn't change the fact that he made many mistakes.

Odin Is Similar To Young Kratos In God Of War Ragnarök

Kratos defeated Odin in Ragnarok, overcoming his past self and misguided values, canceling his plans and preventing him from doing further damage to the Nine Realms. Players can also learn about the wisdom Kratos gained in his later years through conversations with other characters as they try to stop Odin's plots, such as when he confronts Freya about the folly of revenge and how she won't kill him even if she kills him. A time to find peace.

Kratos Overcomes His Past By Beating Odin In God of War Ragnarök

Kratos has been a great character since the original series, but all the grievances he's experienced in recent GoW games have only been resolved. Young Kratos is pushed forward by his hatred and grief, while old Kratos is driven by his need to be better than his past self, which makes Odin the prominent Kratos in Ragnarok The ideal villain to grow up with because Odin embodies the misguided values ​​Kratos once followed when he was young.

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