God Of War Ragnarök Incorporates A Puzzling Plothole

One of God of War Ragnarok's uncertain riddles is Odin's baffling veil. Its reason isn't completely clear and how it works is indeed stranger.

[Warning: This article contains story spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.]

God of War Ragnarök’s story is generally clear, but one detail remains confusing indeed after the credits roll. The question in address could be a veil stamped with unusual runes that gleam. Not indeed Odin, the so-called god of shrewdness, completely comprehends its reason and only offers speculation. At best, the cover may be a bother for future diversions, but it’s fundamentally fair a MacGuffin. Indeed so, its work in God of War Ragnarok’s plot isn’t reliable, provoking advance questions about what it really does.

^ When Atreus to begin with comes to Asgard, Odin, the foremost plotting video amusement reprobate, offers his primary objective with him. Odin appears Atreus the domain tear that took his eye and portion of a cover he accepts will permit him to see interior the tear securely. Odin errands Atreus with finding two other parts of the cover, which are found in Muspelheim and Niflheim. Be that as it may, in between these areas, Atreus brings the cover to Helheim, accepting the ultimate piece to be there. The veil indeed shines and focuses to the assumed course of a lost piece. Eventually, it leads Atreus to Garm, the gigantic hellhound. It is never clarified why the veil shined in Helheim in spite of there not being a lost piece, which raises more questions around the mask's genuine reason.

In God of War Ragnarok, Odin tells Atreus that he found the tear when he was a youthful god. He detected information and truth interior, so he looked into it and misplaced his eye, which is distinctive from genuine Norse mythology. In spite of the hurt it caused, Odin proceeded to explore the tear, scouring the nine domains for clues about what it may well be or how to urge inside. This driven to his revelation of portion of the cover. It gleams the same shinning green color within the region of the domain tear, and the light uncovers markings on the mask’s front. Atreus has momentous language skills, so Odin utilizes him to assist figure interpret the mask’s runes and discover the remaining pieces.

God of War Ragnarök: What Does Odin’s Mask Do?

Odin afterward endeavors to induce Atreus to put on the cover and see into the secretive domain tear amid God of War Ragnarok’s finishing boss battle as in the event that he is anxious to see into himself. This uncovers that Odin wasn’t completely certain in his hypothesis that the veil would permit secure seeing into the tear, and his delay was likely shrewd. There was no prove that the cover seem do so within the to begin with put. The as it were thing the cover can do for beyond any doubt is glow when it is within the nearness of other cover pieces.

Within the case of Helheim, the veil gleamed within the heading of Garm, so maybe it as it were shines when it is close primordial control, the control with which the universe was made. In expansion to being discretionary areas in God of War, Muspelheim and Niflheim are primordial domains and contain the lost cover pieces. Garm’s age is obscure, but it is one of the foremost effective creatures within the nine domains, so it stands to reason that its control may come from primordial sources, proposing that the cover is antiquated.

The mask’s age is backed by the words Atreus peruses from it, which appear to be Greek, making a unconventional association to Kratos’ country. Another striking association comes from Kratos’ vision of Athena in God of War. There are clues of a greenish shine encompassing her, comparable to the domain tear and the veil. These subtle elements may point toward future plot focuses that the following God of War diversions will likely touch on, but, with the need of conclusive prove, the veil and the domain tear stay secretive plotholes in God of War Ragnarok.

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