Glass Onion's Biggest Unanswered Questions and Headaches

As the movie progresses, the plot suddenly becomes clear, but not all of it is explained by the end of Glass Onion, as some questions remain unanswered.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

With all its plot twists and flashback scenes, The Glass Onion: Wild Action Mystery wraps up nicely with the reveal, as viewers get an inside look at Miles Brown and his team at an exclusive party on his private island in Greece. The lives of the friends; however, The Glass Onion leaves the audience with some unanswered questions by the end of the film. While some of this may just add detail to the film and its characters' dynamics, audiences may be looking for answers to some important questions after watching The Glass Onion.

The Glass Onion shocks the audience and the characters alike by revealing Andy midway through the film to be her twin sister, Helen Brand, who hires Detective Benoit Blanc to investigate her sister's murder, and Pull off the key twist in Glass Onion by posing as Andy to uncover the killer's identity. Though cleverly executed, the twists and previous events leading to Miles being revealed as the murderer raise some unanswered questions in The Glass Onion that may leave viewers wondering by the end of the film.

Did Miles And The Disrupters Know About Andi's Twin?

Via Glass Onions, Viewers learn about the Disrupters and their relationship with Andi. With the Disrupters so connected, especially Miles with whom she has a relationship, it sounds plausible that they might learn that Andi has a twin sister. This seems to be confirmed when, at the end of the Glass Onion, after learning the truth about Helen, Bertie himself mentions that Andy did mention having a sister. While he's definitely not the brightest, if he does know Andy has a sister when he sees the woman he murdered show up at his party, Miles especially should put two and two together.

Why Did Miles Invite Andi To His Party?

Miles' becoming the killer in Glass Onion was a shocking revelation for both the character and the audience. However, this also raises questions about why Miles invites Andy to his party with a complicated invitation system that almost every character receives if he kills her. And, more importantly, even if he sent the box before the murder, many people may wonder why Miles invited Andy to his private island if the two lost contact, And she doesn't have a good relationship with any disruptors.

Where Did The Gun Go?

Duke's gun is used as a comedic joke in the first half of Glass Onion. However, when it disappeared from Duke's crotch belt, it became significant. Viewers later learn that Miles picked up the gun after causing Duke's death, as the latter discovers Andy's death and realizes that Miles killed her at the end of The Glass Onion. However, after Miles shoots Helen, who he believes to be Andy, the gun disappears again, never to be found or mentioned again, and largely missing by the end of the film.

Birdie's Knife Disappearing

Duke's gun is not the only weapon not mentioned at the end of Glass Onion. When all the lights went out, Blank noticed that someone had taken the largest kitchen knife. As the film reruns at night, viewers can see Bertie holding a kitchen knife in one shot, though she appears to throw it away quickly. It's unclear why she had the knife in the first place, even if it could be assumed That was for protection, there was no explanation as to how and why she got rid of it.

Who Is Derol?

Glass Onion provides numerous celebrity jokes and references throughout the film. However, there is one character who doesn't seem to belong in the lavish world of money and fame: Derol, a drug addict who becomes one of the film's running jokes. He appears randomly throughout the film seemingly, as he is also said to live on the island at Miles' mansion. However, it's unclear how Derol ended up on the island, or how he knew Miles so well and was also trusted by the villains to be invited to live on his island, presumably for free.

How Much Does Claire's Husband Know?

Claire's husband, Devon DeBella, only appears in the opening scene of The Glass Onion. Given that Claire basically owes her entire political career to him, the question of how much Devon knows about Miles and his project with Claire seems obvious. The critically acclaimed Glass Onion doesn't really explain Devon's relationship with Miles and company, and one might assume that Claire kept him in the dark. This may Explain why he didn't go to Miles' island with Claire when the rest of the group had already brought others.

Did Miles' Butler Disappear?

At the beginning of The Glass Onion, Miles explains that his island and mansion are self-sufficient; therefore, no one will be on the island except his guests. However, viewers do see other people earlier in the film. When the main characters all arrive in Greece, they are greeted by what appears to be Miles' butler, who invites them to board a private boat to Miles' island. He never appeared in Glass Onion again, so it's safe to assume he may have left after making sure all the guests arrived safely at Miles' mansion, though that issue was never resolved.

How Did Miles Stage The Blackout?

Filmed in Greece, Glass Onion showcases beautiful locations. Another impressive scene in the film is Miles' glass mansion, which is highly technological and designed to activate certain commands that Miles himself has set. For example, Miles schedules a blackout during a dinner party to be able to move freely around the house and remain undetected when all the lights are out. However, it's unclear how Miles managed the outage It was later revealed that his ideas came from previous discussions with Blank, leaving little time to set everything up.

What Were Those Covid Shots At The Beginning?

At the beginning of The Glass Onion, the protagonists all meet in Greece before heading to Miles' private island. Before they board the private boat that transports them to the island, Miles' butler gives them some cryptic footage. Glass Onion No one other than Benoit Blanc seems to question it, and even when the detective asked about it, he got no explanation. They all have to take the shots to get to the island, and they seem to protect them from Covid, or make sure no one gets infected, since all the characters can take off their masks after taking the shots.

Did Serena Williams Witness Everything?

In the film, Blank and Helen discuss their murder scene at the gym, thought to be alone. However, during their conversation, what appeared to be a photo of Serena Williams came up, suggesting it wasn't a photo, but the real Serena Williams, who appeared to have been on a video call, Just in case anyone wants to train with her and offers a lot of cameos in Glass onion. This raises the question of just how much Athlete is witnessing throughout the Glass Onion episode, as viewers may wonder if she heard everything about the murder and its suspects and decides not to act.

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