Genshin Impact: Paimon voice line may hint at her origin

A one-off voice line in Genshin Impact may reveal some important information about Paimon's origin, giving rise to many theories.

One of the most mysterious elements of Genshin Impact is the origin of the traveler's guide and closest friend, Paimon. Not only is Paimon one of the most important characters in the game so far, but he's also the face and mascot of Genshin Impact itself. Due to the nature of her origin and importance to the game, many players have come up with a series of theories and analyzes based on some of the clues Paimon left about her backstory through various voices and interactions.

Paimon, for the most part throughout the Genshin Impact story, is not a very serious character, often inflated, or overestimated about her fighting prowess and strength. As a result, it was difficult to take many of her lines seriously, leading to the creation of the Genshin Impact theory for Paimon to help explain her role in the story. Still, in one instance, Paimon spoke very candidly about a dream she once had that might have hinted at information that subconsciously revealed the truth about her origin, and her potential fate in the story .

In A Throwaway Scene In Genshin Impact, Paimon Could Have Revealed More Than Thought

YouTuber Doro44 recently posted a video analyzing a voice line revealed by Genshin Impact's mascot Paimon A dream where she was a slime who ended up being killed by a chef who turned her into a smoothie. Immediately afterwards she wrote: "Because slimes are monsters, although they look cute, they usually cause trouble and end up being killed by adventurers." While this may seem like an innocuous joke, Doro44 points out , this dream may be a manifestation of Paimon's secret in Genshin Impact.

Paimon Could Be A Genshin Impact Monster

YouTuber Doro44 also mentioned the similarities between Paimon's voice line and her own, noting that Paimon is a cute and kind creature who often tries to help travelers in Genshin Impact, but often fails. Combined with her identification with the slime she killed in her dream, this theory suggests that Pymon might be a rare, harmless-looking monster. Paimon's dream and analysis of the relationship between humans and monsters may symbolize her fear that her identity as a monster might cause the famous adventurer the Traveler to abandon her.

This theory, if true, may also foreshadow possible large-scale events during Genshin Impact's plot and story climax: Paimon and traveler. While we've seen the two bicker and argue, most of the time these scenes are light-hearted. However, if Paimon is a monster, even if the Traveler accepts her origin, this revelation could cause her to leave the main character for the first time. Hopefully, in a future Genshin Impact patch, Paimon's voice will help support this interesting theory.

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