Game of Thrones: 9 Little Plot Twists No One's Talking About

From Daenerys speaking High Valyrian to Varys taking the wizard captive, there are many plot twists in Game of Thrones.

After Kit Harington revealed that Jon Snow is still struggling with the events of the main series (via Fox News), it seems like one of Game of Thrones' best characters still has a lot going for him. Of course, Jon Snow is the subject of some of the series' most notable plot twists, so it makes sense that he's still grappling with the fallout of those twists.

In fact, the entire show relies on plot twists to drive the narrative and keep the audience engaged. While some events, like the Red Wedding and the cathedral's destruction, are still topics of discussion, there are some major plot twists that, for some reason, simply don't get much discussion across the fandom.

Sam Saving Ser Jorah

Sam is arguably one of the smartest characters on Game of Thrones, so it's no surprise that he ends up saving Ser Jorah from greyscale.

Essentially, he cuts off all affected skin, and although Jorah endures great pain, he is ultimately spared a lifetime of suffering. pain. It's a plot twist that, in the scheme of things, is fairly minor, but it still has a profound effect on Jorah's and Daenerys' lives (as she gets her advisor back).

The Moment When Daenerys Reveals She Speaks High Valyrian

Daenerys is without a doubt one of the best characters in Game of Thrones. From the very beginning of the show, she showed herself to be a quiet but thoughtful person, far more than anyone else could have imagined.

She demonstrates this in a notable plot twist, in which it is revealed that, unbeknownst to the Unsullied's enslavers, she actually speaks High Valyrian. It was a genius move on her part, and while it was overwhelmed by some more dramatic plot twists in subsequent seasons, it was one of the earliest signs of her truly ruthless nature.

The Coup In Dorne

The storyline centered on Dorne is the hardest part of Game of Thrones. In large part, that's because the series, like the novels, doesn't know what to do with them.

Since these storylines are not as compelling as the others, it makes sense that few people would talk about one of them The most shocking event that happened there was the moment when Ellaria Sand and her daughters managed to stage a coup against Prince Doran and members of his court. It's bloody and brutal -- as it often is in Game of Thrones -- but it's a plot twist that doesn't seem to have a larger purpose in the series.

Melisandre’s True Age

Melisandre is one of Game of Thrones' most famous villains. From the moment she emerged, she made it clear that she had aspirations and a cult of her own that she would stop at nothing to achieve.

Although she has her own twists and turns, one of the most notable ones is when she removes her enchanting necklace, revealing her age. Far from the young and beautiful image she represents, she is actually a wrinkled old woman. This plot twist, somewhat eaten up by the events of The Long Night, foreshadows the moment when she finally walks into the light, takes off her necklace for the last time, and gives herself up. In the end, she becomes a tragic hero in her own right.

Bronn Was Poisoned By The Sand Snakes

Brown has always been one of A fan-favorite character on the show. While he's usually surprisingly out of trouble when things go wrong, that's hardly the case when he's poisoned by Sand Snakes during a bout between Dorne and Tyne.

Luckily, everyone's favorite villain is saved, but only if he asks her for the cure. It's probably not bad that no one talks about this particular plot twist, which, like so many other things related to Dorne, doesn't seem to add much to the overall story.

Uncle Benjen Saving Jon

Uncle Bunyan is arguably one of the most famous supporting characters in Game of Thrones simply because he played such a pivotal role in saving those beyond the Wall. In particular, he saves none other than Jon Snow, who was attacked by a group of wights and nearly drowned.

For better or worse, it's one of Game of Thrones' most compelling episodic armor moments, and a particularly compelling example of a machine-killing god. That being the case, it's not hard to see why so many viewers have since forgotten it Seems a little too convenient.

Beric Dondarrion Surviving His Duel With The Hound

Beric Dondarrion is another of the series' most popular secondary characters. In a sense, his initial death at the hands of the Hound is one of the most important deaths in Game of Thrones.

However, what really sets it apart is that it's not truly permanent. Luckily given the gift of immortality, he quickly returns from the dead, terrifying the Hound and Arya. It's a plot twist that would go on to have a big impact on other characters - especially Jon Snow, who was also brought back to life - even if the character has somewhat faded into obscurity.

Varys Capturing The Sorcerer From His Past

Varys is arguably one of the smartest and cunning characters on Game of Thrones, able to play the long game while many others are focused on the moment. He shows this in a number of ways, but especially notable is the moment he manages to capture the wizard responsible for turning him into a eunuch.

Unfortunately, while this was a fascinating plot twist, it didn't really go anywhere. It is primarily used by Varys to deliver curated physical lessons to Tyrion. no wonder it's a Even hardcore fans have largely forgotten about this.

Lysa Being Responsible For Jon’s Death

Although it happened off-screen, Jon Arryn's death is one of the most important deaths in Game of Thrones. This is because it helps to start all the other events in the series.

In this case, it's odd that so little is said about it all: namely, that his wife Lysa poisoned him (under Littlefinger's influence). In hindsight, it's almost unbelievable that Lysa was able to wield such an enormous amount of influence over all of Westeros.

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