Friends heard Jim O'Heir's Jerry's story before Parks & Rec existed

Jim O'Heir had a minor role in an episode of Friends, and he pretty much played Jerry Gergich in the years before Parks & Rec existed.

"Friends" featured various celebrity guests and other well-known actors in minor roles, including Jim O'Hare, whose brief stint on "Friends" completed Jerry Gerrard a few years before "Parks and Playground." Gitch's story. Always considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time, Friends has certainly influenced many of what came after, and Parks and Playground ranks among the best of all time. While it got off to a rocky start, "Parks and Recreation" eventually found its own voice and style, and went on to become one of the best TV shows of the decade.

Friends premiered on NBC in 1994 and was so successful that it ran for 10 seasons, ending in 2004. Parks and Recreation ran for seven seasons on NBC from 2009 to 2015, and both series have had special reunion episodes, albeit in very different styles. Despite their very different stories, there are similarities and connections between Friends and Parks & Rec, such as Rachel dating a guy named Ben Wyatt. However, there is another easily overlooked connection between the two shows, and Credit goes to Jim O'Heir and the unforgettable Jerry Gergich.

Jim O’Heir’s Character In Friends Messed Up Like Parks & Rec’s Jerry Would

Jim O'Hare appeared in an episode of "Friends" before playing Jerry Gergic in "Parks and Playground", but his character was played in the Monica and Chandler story key role. O'Hair plays an adoption agency worker who introduces Monica and Chandler to Erica (Anna Faris), a young pregnant woman who chooses Chandler and Monica as The parents of her children - it's just that she has the wrong idea of ​​who they are. Erica thinks Monica is a priest and Chandler is a doctor, all because the adoption agency staff confused their papers with another couple's papers, which definitely happens to Parks & Recreation's Jerry.

Jerry Gergich (real name Garry) is the Parks Department's office manager, but stands out for his clumsiness and penchant for getting involved in all sorts of awkward and embarrassing situations, making him a target for most people in the Parks Department meant for jokes and bullying. Despite Jerry's constant bullying throughout Parks & Recreation, Jerry has a kind heart and always takes care of his friends and colleagues, and he lives a life of Living a very happy life with his perfect family. If Jerry worked at an adoption agency, he'd mix up adoption papers, and Jim O'Heir played a Jerry-type character years before Jerry Gergich and Parks & Recreation happened, which was hilarious.

Friends vs Parks & Rec: Who Did Jim O’Heir’s Jerry Story Best?

In the end, adoption agency staff mixing up Monica's and Chandler's documents didn't affect the adoption process, because once they confessed to this, Erika decided they were still the parents of the child she wanted, so mo Nica Chandler becomes the proud parent of twins. However, Jim O'Heir's role in Friends was very small and brief, and Parks & Recreation fully developed Jerry Gergich and his story, so the clear winners here are Pawnee and Parks Department. Still, it's an interesting coincidence that the two characters played by Jim O'Heir are so similar that it could lead to speculation that Jerry used to work at an adoption agency in New York and screwed up a lot, just like he did in Pawnee. Do it.

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