Friends: The 10 Best Meet-Cutes From The Series, Ranked

While Monica and Chandler and Rachel and Ross are the iconic Friends couples, these characters have good encounters with several other romantic partners.

Jennifer Aniston recently spoke to Allure Magazine about everything from the current social media frenzy to her time filming Friends. Aniston poured out her soul to the magazine, saying: "We [Friends] really loved each other and we took care of each other. I don't know why it still resonates; there's no iPhone. It's just people talking to each other. No one to each other. Talked."

After "Friends," Aniston went on to make romantic comedies such as "Break Up," "He's Just Not That Into You," and "Let It Go," which featured her signature scenes Comedy has many similarities. "Friends" incorporates themes of friendship, career, and relationships, and is especially good at describing love. The beloved six have several fascinating encounters with strangers, some of which lead to head-turning romances.

Rachel And Joshua

In "Rachel's Crush", Joshua Birkin walks into Bloomingdale's after Rachel is demoted to personal shopper. In fact, he's the reason she changed her mind and decided to keep working on what she thought was a huge downgrade. He became her client, and she helped organize his wardrobe.

Joshua was that handsome stranger who stole Rachel's heart the moment she saw him. Their encounter was flirtatious, and his vibe gave Rachel pause. She's excited to spend workdays with him, and the encounter successfully paves the way for their romance.

Emily And Ross

Although Emily Waltham is one of the most annoying supporting characters on Friends, her whirlwind romance with Ross is arguably unlike any other couple. Their first encounter stemmed from coincidence and ended with the two of them at a bed and breakfast in Vermont.

Emily has just flown in from London, and her uncle, Rachel's boss at Bloomingdale's, instructs his employees to keep her niece entertained. Rachel wants to spend time with Joshua, and she convinces Ross to go with Emily. Emily and Rose's meeting proved that they had more than just chemistry, and that they were drawn to each other from the start.

Chandler And Aurora

Aurora in "Long Ass" was one of Chandler's best girlfriends in "Friends". He meets her in one of the most unexpected places - Joy's Bad Musical, Floyd! cutest part of aurora and chandler part 1 The encounter is an unspoken mutual attraction between them.

Aurora notices Chandler as much as he notices her, and she is drawn to his goofy behavior. Fireworks set off in an otherwise dull theater, and they could have developed a strong and intimate relationship were it not for Chandler's reservations about Aurora's polygamy.

Phoebe And Rob

Rob Donnan, who arranged the performers for the children's library, visited Central Perk to watch the Furby perform in "The One After The Super Bowl - Part 1". The gang quickly notices him, with Phoebe pretending she's busy joking with her friends when in reality he's been keeping an eye on him. Rob watched Phoebe take the stage, praised her music, and invited her to play.

Rob's confident and calm demeanor strikes a chord with Phoebe, who is completely smitten with him. Their meeting was short and sweet, and they couldn't help smiling at each other throughout. Thanks to Rob's charm, Phoebe agrees to play at a children's concert at the local library.

Phoebe And Clifford

Phoebe got herself into a lot of tricky situations, and Clifford Burnett was originally one of them. They meet in the hospital lobby and she helps him get Inside the elevator. They had a brief but flirtatious conversation about his leg injury, but the door closed seconds before she had a chance to ask for his room number.

Phoebe does eventually find the room number, but misbehaves and asks Joey for help gathering personal information about Clifford. Clifford sees through Phoebe's plot, but agrees to give her another chance due to her erratic behavior. Their meeting made them realize that they had a rare connection, so they agreed to meet for dinner.

Kristen And Ross

When Ross worked up the courage to ask Kristen Riggs on a date in "Candy Hearts", she took the opportunity to yell "Hi!" to him. She kept looking in his direction, and it turned out that she had seen him before.

Ross explains to Chandler and Joey that Kristen lent him an egg, and they convince him to come up to her to return it. At the end of the two adorable encounters, Kristen seemed so impressed with the whole egg-swapping process that she agreed to date Rose. Kristen and Rose's egg swap accurately portrays levity and awkwardness Grown-ups meet lovely, debonair Ross for someone who isn't great at flirting.

Ross And Mona

Monica's diner co-worker Mona meets Ross in "The One After I Done". At the wedding, she saw him in the hallway outside the reception. They happened to check the table numbers at the same time, and Ross was the first to speak. He introduces himself, and they exchange pleasantries.

While the first conversation is awkward, it helps them read each other's body language to see if they are interested. Mona's responses were coy and flirtatious, and Ross did his best to impress her. Their meeting laid the groundwork for their relationship, and after a few episodes, they successfully entered the dating phase.

Ross And Julie

Jolie was one of Ross's most compatible girlfriends on Friends. They went to grad school together and reconnected later in their lives as paleontologists.

Julie was in charge of the China Dig, Ross was asked to participate at the end of season 1. Their fascinating paleontology field experience includes a ride on a 200-year-old bus and a story about a shitty chicken On Julie's lap. Jolie and Rose's encounter was romantic because they were both in the same field, living in New York, but still had the opportunity to meet as lovers in different countries.

Joey And Cecilia

Cecilia Monroe played the cosmic fictional character of Jessica Lockhart in Days of Our Lives. Lockhart was written and her brain was transplanted into Joey's DOOL character - Dr. Ramoray. That means Joey's character is finally coming out of his coma and back on the show, while Cecilia Monroe is out of the DOOL landscape.

Joy, who had never interacted with Cecilia, approached her on set and asked her for acting advice. Although Cecilia was surprised and thrilled to be fired, she ended up helping Joy with how to play her role. Their subsequent conversations and the "Joey's New Brain" incident reveal that Joey and Cecilia have strong chemistry and a unique connection. They had a brief affair, but Jessica left Joey to pursue acting work in Mexico.

Rachel And Tag

In "Rachel's Assistant", an attractive man named Tiger Jones enters Rachel's office to interview for an assistant job. rachel has a crush Hire him in place of another experienced and qualified candidate.

Rachel and Tag's short but lovely romance both began with a charming little interview in her office. She seemed confident and dominant in the conversation, and he answered all her questions politely. She's attracted to him, and he's completely smitten with this woman who has boss potential.

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