Friday the 13th's new show has surpassed most Slasher reboots

The Friday the 13th movie was iconic in the '80s, and the prequel series Crystal Lake could use that fact to beat the competition.

The upcoming Friday the 13th prequel series Crystal Lake has surpassed most horror re-imaginings thanks to the show's inventive period setting. While many slasher reboots have attempted to breathe new life into franchises that began in the '80s, few of those projects were set during the decade. '80s nostalgia has contributed to the astonishing popularity of horror shows like "Stranger Things," but until now, there haven't been any franchises recreating '80s horror movies set during that time period.

Producer Brian Fuller's Friday the 13th prequel series Crystal Lake will fill in the backstory of the Hitman series' iconic villain Jason Voorhees, and since the original film's backstory takes place in the '50s, this update The franchise will most likely be set in the '80s. While Crystal Lake may still be set in the '50s, the blockbuster adaptation based on IT changed the novel's setting from the '50s to the '80s, which, combined with the success of American Horror Story: 1984 and the Street of Fear series, It's likely that the prequel will cash in on '80s nostalgia with its best potential setting.

Crystal Lake's 80s Setting Is Its Best Asset

while The Streets of Fear trilogy is (partially) set in the '80s, and the Netflix series isn't a reboot of an existing horror franchise. So setting the Friday the 13th reboot in the '80s would allow Crystal Lake to capitalize on '80s nostalgia while adding to the franchise that shaped that nostalgia in the first place. In recent years, IT, Stranger Things, X, The Last Girl, and Summer of '84 have all used 80s settings (or, for X, 1979) Come nostalgic for the horror movie aesthetics of the decade. But, surprisingly, the reboot of the popular '80s horror flick hasn't followed suit.

The 2019 Child's Play reboot, as well as the unrelated SyFy series Chucky, are set in the present day, as is the new Halloween trilogy. From 2022's Hellraiser reboot to 2013's Evil Dead to 2010's Nightmare OnElm Street to its controversial sequel Halloween Ends, despite the popularity of '80s horror flicks, it's all set today. Luckily, Crystal Lake can reverse that trend by rebooting the decade's quintessential '80s tale. Like Fear Street, Crystal Lake revisits the decade's social and cultural norms through a contemporary lens, but This will be all the more effective due to the show's classic connection to the Friday the 13th movie.

Why Crystal Lake Can Outdo Its Competition

The Friday the 13th movie of the '80s was the kind of horror sequel that critics talked about when they complained about the subgenre's worst excesses. The sequel to Friday the 13th in the '80s kills off teens who have sex, rewards virginal Final Girls, and mostly follows the killer blueprint. While Streets of Fear: 1978 effectively flipped that formula upside down, Crystal Lake could rise above earlier hits now that the prequel series is part of the Friday the 13th franchise. If Crystal Lake took a group of horny camp counselors and bullying teens to '80s summer camp, injected common stereotypes with more humanity and depth than audiences expected, and then killed them off, the Friday the 13th spinoff might Its timing is used for maximum dramatic impact.

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