Fan Art Wednesday Celebrates the Best Relationships in a Netflix Show

Fan art dominated social media on Wednesday, as viewers applauded the closeness between the lead character and Enid in Netflix's latest hit.

Viewers took to social media on Wednesday to express their appreciation for the incredible friendship between the show's main character and her werewolf roommate, Enid Sinclair, with a display of fantastic fan art. Season 1 of the Tim Burton-led series launched on Netflix in November and was an instant hit, praised for honoring the Adams family's beloved legacy while adding new scenes and new characters to modernize. Franchise. One of the things fans couldn't understand was the budding friendship between Wednesday, played by rising star Jenna Ortega, and her opposite roommate at Yonge College, Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers.

Expressing their love for Wednesday Adams and Enid Sinclair's unexpected but strong bond between Wednesday Adams and Enid Sinclair on Twitter and Instagram, Netflix Wednesday fans shared their artwork inspired by the central duo. Fan art styles vary, beautifully capturing the stark differences between the two while showing their mutual love and support for each other. Check out some of the posts below:

Why Fans Can't Get Enough of Wednesday and Enid

While on the surface, Wednesday and Enid seem completely different, this fact has brought them closer and eventually a human affinity The other is even more charming. In true Addams family tradition, Wednesday is dominated by dark humor, making Enid's bubbly and upbeat personality a refreshing contrast to Wednesday's signature melancholy. In fact, some fans are so enamored with the couple's chemistry that they've been vocal about wanting their budding bond to become the series' main romance, and even Wednesday's cast and writers seemed to agree.

What's Next For Wednesday & Enid In Potential Season 2

While Netflix has yet to officially confirm that season 2 will air on Wednesday, the massive success and gripping finale of season 1 all but ensures there will be more to come, leaving fans wondering what's next. By the end of season 1, the main character returned to the Adams house for summer vacation after successfully solving a murder mystery at Nevermore Academy. However, it appears her troubles are far from over, as the season received a threatening text message from an anonymous stalker on Wednesday, suggesting she's encountered some new foes on her way to justice.

Fans of the friendship between Wednesday and Enid are arguably the most anticipated Wednesday co-creator and writer Alfred Gough has teased that the pair's relationship will be the focus of a potential season 2. He also confirmed that the writers are willing to explore Wednesday and Enid's romance, but added that nothing will be done to diminish their already charming and strong bond. Regardless of how their relationship develops or changes, Wednesday fans can rest assured that their favorite duo Wednesday and Enid will have plenty of adventures to look forward to ahead.

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