Every Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig Movie, From Worst to Best

Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig have gone from collaborator to husband and wife, making four films together throughout their relationship. Here are their respective rankings.

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach have made four films together during their decade-long relationship, from collaborators to husband and wife. The pair first worked together on the 2010 drama Greenberg, which co-starred Gerwig as the romantic interest of Ben Stiller's title character. Gerwig and Baumbach began dating in 2011 before working together professionally again on 2012's Frances Ha and 2015's Mistress America, both of which they co-wrote, followed by the 2022 adaptation of White Noise.

Baumbach had already made a name for himself when he began working with Gerwig, making his feature film debut in 1995 with Kicks and Scream. Gerwig, on the other hand, got his start as one of the main cast members of the Mumblecore films in the mid-2000s, eventually co-directing the project as well. In recent years, she has shifted away from acting to focus on her own directing career, including 2017's "Lady Bird," 2019's "Little Women" and 2023's Barbie Movie, the latter of which is Baumbach and Gerwig. A film co-written by Gregory. Below is a ranking of how Baumbach and Gerwig work together.

4/4 White Noise (2022)

Greta Gerwig stars with another frequent Noah Baumbach collaborator, Adam Driver, in the 1980s-set comedy-thriller White Noise. Gerwig plays Babette, the fourth and most famous wife of Jack the driver Featuring a perm she's sporting. In the film adaptation of Don DeLillo's 1985 novel of the same name, the trust between Jack and Babette is shaken when Babette's daughter discovers that her mother is taking an unknown drug.

White Noise is Greta Gerwig's first live-action role since concentrating on filmmaking, her last acting role being a voice role in Wes Anderson's 2018 animated film Isle of Dogs, And she was last on screen in the 2016 biopic Jackie. White Noise feels like Gerwig's first collaboration with Noah Baumbach, and it's all because of their relationship. While she's nowhere near as bad as Babette, she also doesn't stand out in the role.

3/4 Mistress America (2015)

Noah Baumbach's third collaboration with Greta Gerwig, and their second, was described by the filmmaker as "kind of like" to his 2014 film "While We Were Young". Brothers and Sisters," starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts and Adam Driver. In "American Mistress," Gerwig's Brooke takes on a more "mature" character, both figuratively and literally, as the big sister to Lola's college freshman Tracy Kirk. Tracey tails as Brooke tries to get money from a wealthy friend to open a new restaurant.

Although Greta Gerwig was the highest-grossing actress in American Mistress, the film was more about Tracy, who used her observations from Brooke's life as the basis for a short story. inspiration. However, Gerwig still gets a big moment in the movie when Brooke discovers the story. In this scene, Brooke's very real anger contrasts with the superficial reactions of the wealthy friend she's been longing to be more like. It's that scene that sums up the whole story of the film.

2/4 Greenberg (2010)

One of the descriptions of Noah Baumbach's Greenberg is that it marked Mumblecore's entry into the mainstream (via MovieMaker). In fact, the film is the mainstream debut of Greta Gerwig, who spent the first four years of her career in this particular indie subgenre. Gerwig co-stars Florence Marr, the 20-something romantic lover of 40-something protagonist Roger Greenberg, played by actor Ben Stiller.

While Greenberg introduced Gerwig to mainstream audiences, the film also set the stage for her collaboration Collaborate with Baumbach on a personal and professional basis. While filming Greenberg, Baumbach was married to actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, who filed for divorce a few months after the film's release. A year later, Baumbach began dating Gerwig, which mirrors Roger and Florence's relationship in the film, as Baumbach is only three years younger than Stiller.

1/4 Frances Ha (2012)

Greta Gerwig's second film with Noah Baumbach is not only their best collaboration, but Frances Ha is also one of the best films they've ever made. Gerwig plays the titular Frances Halladay, an aspiring dancer who lives in New York City with her best friend Sophie (Mitch Sumner). Frances Ha is also Baumbach's first collaboration with actor Adam Driver, who plays supporting role Lev Shapiro in the film.

Not only does Frances Ha continue to reference Gerwig's Mumblecore roots, but the black and white presentation brings a French New Wave feel to the film. Baumbach also paid homage to Leos Carax's 1986 film Mauvais Sang, having Gerwig recreate the scene where Denis Lavant runs through the streets to the accompaniment of David Bowie's "Modern Love." no doubt, Frances Ha is the pinnacle of the collaboration between Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig.

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