Every DC movie coming out in 2023

There are several upcoming DC movies slated for 2023, including sequels to Shazam and Aquaman and the long-awaited Flash solo movie.

Here's to every DC movie coming out in 2023. The future of DC Films took another major turn in 2022, when it was announced that Walter Hamada would no longer be the head of DC Films, while James Gunn and Peter Safran were named co-CEOs of the newly formed DC Studios. While leadership changes are expected to have a major impact on the DC Universe in the years to come, they likely won't have much of an impact until 2023. The year was poised to play a major role in shaping the future of the Warner Bros. shared universe. Several new DC films were poised to release exclusively in theaters.

DC films haven't done well in recent years, which is partly responsible for the leadership change. COVID-19 hurt Birds of Prey's box office results, while "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Suicide Squad" were released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max -- resulting in them both taking less than $170 million worldwide. Black Adam's box office success or failure has been twisted in every way possible, but for a Dwayne Johnson-led superhero flick, it certainly underwhelmed. Here's hoping DC's 2023 movie helps reverse that trend, The good news is that there are several upcoming movies.

1/4 Shazam: Fury of the Gods - March 17, 2023

DC's 2023 film releases began in March, including Shazam: Wrath of the Gods. The sequel to Shazam comes almost four years after the first film was released to very positive reviews. Director David F. Sandberg returns to direct Shazam: Wrath of the Gods, Zachary Levi returns as Shazam, and Arthur Angel returns as Billy Batson. Shazam 2 returns with a rather long cast, as both younger and superhero versions of Billy's foster siblings return. The biggest change comes with Grace Currey playing Mary Bromfield and her Shazam form. Shazam 2 also brings back Djimon Hounsou as the wizard.

Shazam: Wrath of the Gods revolves around Billy Batson and the Shazam family as they become more confident in their own power. When Atlas' daughters - Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Calypso (Lucy Liu) - surface with plans that could destroy the world, they are put to the test in a new way. It was also confirmed that Rachel Ziegler's DCU character is Atlas' daughter, but based on the film's marketing, she seems to be more of a friend than an enemy. Despite ties to the larger DC franchise, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam isn't expected to appear. However, a cameo from Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is confirmed to be included.

2/4 The Flash - June 16, 2023

DC's long-awaited Flash movie finally arrives in 2023. Originally announced in 2014 as part of Warner Bros. With plans to expand the SnyderVerse, The Flash rotated through several directors before Andy Muschietti joined the project. Ezra Miller returns as Barry Allen in the film, and it's known that they'll be playing multiple versions of the character thanks to the multiverse. The Flash's multiverse story is also how Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck return as Batman, and Michael Shannon's General Zod. While more Justice League cameos are possible, it's confirmed that the film will introduce Sasha Calle's Supergirl.

It is known that the story The Flash will tell is a loose adaptation of the storyline from the Flashpoint comics. In that story, Barry Allen travels back in time and disrupts the timeline by wrongly imprisoning his father in order to save his mother from dying when he was a child. Flash is the basis for keeping story, but the timeline changes that occurred after rescuing her seem to be different from the source material. He somehow came into contact with Michael Keaton's Batman in the Tim Burton films, and the universe they visited also had Supergirl. It has long been rumored that The Flash will reboot the DCU timeline.

3/4 Blue Beetle - August 18, 2023

One of the DC movies slated for release in 2023 will introduce a new hero to the big screen for the first time. Blue Beetle was the first major superhero movie to feature a Latino character, with a teenager named Jaime Reyes becoming the titular hero. The film is directed by Ángel Manuel Soto (Charm City Kings) from a script by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (Miss Barra). Cobra Kai stars Xolo Mariedueña as Jaime Reyes, who becomes host to the symbiotic blue beetle Scarab, granting him incredible powers. The cast of the Blue Beetle film also includes Bruna Marquezine, George Lopez, Harvey Guillén and Susan Sarandon as Victoria Kord.

Few details about Blue Beetle's story have been revealed so far, but the film marks the character's first live-action appearance since he was killed Created in 2006. Since then, Blue Beetle has become a popular character on Young Justice. The film was originally developed for release on HBO Max, but the studio later decided to increase the budget and release it theatrically instead. No connection between the Blue Beetle and the wider DCU has been established yet, but the introduction of Jaime Reyes represents an opportunity for the universe to become younger and introduce new heroes.

4/4 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - December 25, 2023

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated to be the last DC movie to hit theaters in 2023, as the DCU's highest-grossing sequel finally hits theaters in December. The movie has been delayed several times, now resulting in a sequel coming out five years after the original. James Wan returns to direct the sequel, while Jason Momoa reprises his role as Arthur Curry. Aquaman 2's cast also features some other familiar faces: Amber Heard as Mera, Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, Yahya Abdul-Martin II stars as Black Manta, Dolph Lundgren as Neptune, Nicole Kidman as Atlanta, and Randall Parker as Steven Sheen.

The story of Aquaman 2 revolves around an unlikely collaboration between Aquaman and the Ocean Master. Movie It should also include a Batman cameo, with Ben Affleck temporarily replacing Michael Keaton. With "Aquaman" grossing $1 billion worldwide, expectations were high for the sequel to hit big again. However, the film is also the end of an era, as it is the last under the former DC regime. As such, the final DC Movie 2023 release date could be the last in the franchise before Gunn and Safran help reboot the universe in some capacity.

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