Enormous Brother: Highlights From Taylor Hale’s Reddit AMA

Taylor Hale's Reddit AMA had a few highlights, counting back from fans, response to cynicism, and shared recollections with Joseph Abdin.

Taylor Sound, the champ of Huge Brother season 24, taken an interest in a Reddit AMA to reply questions from fans. The objective of an AMA (inquire me anything) is for celebrities, makers, or specialists in a certain field to share their encounters and information with others. It's a awesome way for inquisitive fans to induce the answer to any of their questions. Taylor could be a fan-favorite houseguest who had an greatly momentous remain interior the Huge Brother house, making her the culminate candidate to reply a few fan questions and open up approximately her encounters.

Taylor, who is presently dating Joseph Abdin, has been active since winning BB24, keeping fans upgraded on social media. Having fair celebrated her one-month commemoration with Joseph after authoritatively declaring their relationship, it's clear to fans that Taylor has been flourishing. Numerous fans started establishing for Taylor after she was abused and bullied within the house within the to begin with a few weeks of the season. Taylor went from being in threat in week one to eventually winning the season, an encounter numerous fans have questions approximately. Taking to Reddit, Taylor begun an AMA string beneath the client u/thetaylormack and opened the floor for fans to inquire her anything.

Taylor Was Shocked By Fan Support After Leaving Big Brother

One client inquired Taylor, "What was it like coming out of the house and seeing how much cherish and bolster you got from the fan base?" This fan is referencing the enormous bolster for Taylor that built up over the season, coming full circle in Taylor winning America's Favorite Houseguest. Taylor reacted by saying, "It felt awesome since I truly depended on what individuals here do and do not like to see within the diversion going in." Taylor's appreciation for the online Huge Brother community is another reason why she is so regarded and cherished among fans.

Taylor Responds To Negativity From Other Houseguests

The abuse of Taylor was an sad subject in Enormous Brother 24, and certain previous houseguests like Daniel Durston and Terrance Higgins have proceeded spreading pessimism online. One fan inquired Taylor, "How do you explore responding or choosing not to reply to certain houseguests that toss shade?" Taylor's attitude inside the Enormous Brother house was continuously to require the tall street, never giving in to blow-up contentions or annoying others. Taylor's capacity to handle bullying is reflected in her reply, where she said, "It's clear who fair needs to live their life and who fair gets off on being an adversary." The reaction illustrates Taylor's development when dealing with pessimism.

Taylor Shares Her Favorite Moments With Joseph on Big Brother

Another fan inquired Taylor, "Is there a particular minute you shared with Joseph within the house that was your favorite?" Fans have been establishing for Taylor and Joseph's budding sentiment since the early days of the season. In spite of the fact that fans have 24/7 get to to live bolsters, no one can genuinely know what goes on within the houseguests' minds. Presently that Taylor and Joseph are formally dating, it's common for fans to ponder almost subtle elements from inside the house. Huge Brother 24 champ Taylor reacted, "Each minute we had together after the pool table breakup of the scraps. We were in our possess world the rest of the night." Hearing that Taylor really prized the minutes alone with Joseph is endearing for numerous fans.

Taylor is one of the foremost cherished Huge Brother victors in later history, with an overflowing of bolster from fans indeed months after the season wrapped. Doing a Reddit AMA permitted Taylor to deliver knowledge into her encounter interior the house and indeed clear the discuss, as she has expressed disarray over Enormous Brother 24's altering. Fans were excited to urge the chance to inquire Taylor their questions, and ideally, more Enormous Brother alums will take after suit to provide their take on the exciting season.

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