Each Glass Onion character ranked from worst to best

The Glass Onion: Knockout Mystery packs a stellar cast that brings the characters to life. Here's every character ranked from worst to best.

The Glass Onion: Knock Out has a top-notch cast, and here's a ranking of each of their roles in the film, from worst to best. As Glass Onion takes the franchise across the Atlantic to Europe, Benoit Blanc is drawn into yet another murder mystery he must solve. Alongside him is a colorful cast of characters, all played to perfection by the film's cast.

As with the first Knockout, The Glass Onion's greatest strength is its cast. Combine these actors and actresses with an incredibly witty script from Rian Johnson, and The Glass Onion is one of the best movies of 2022. Like its predecessor, this movie turns the murder mystery genre on its head, delivering a hilarious, suspenseful, and deeply enjoyable ride that only Glass Onion's cast and characters can support. It's worth noting that Glass Onion doesn't have any "bad" characters, all of them are pretty funny. That being said, here is a ranking of each character from worst to best.


Peg was played by Jessica Henwick in Glass Onion as Birdie Jay's sidekick. Unfortunately, Peg ranks lowest among Glass Onion characters for one reason only: she doesn't have enough to do. henwick plays pegg brilliantly That's fine, and elevates the character to one of the most likable members of the Glass Onion ensemble. Despite this, Peg has hardly any development and only appears in the plot as she is Birdie's sidekick, unfortunately overshadowed by Peg's exaggerated antics.

That being said, Pegg gets one of her biggest laughs when she asks her boss what she thinks a sweatshop is in Rian Johnson's Glass Onions. Sadly, despite Henwick's stellar performance, it wasn't enough to put Pegg above her peers. That's simply because not enough screen time is given, and Glass Onion's script choices focus more on the rest of its ensemble.

Duke Cody

Second to last is Dave Bautista's Duke Cody. Duke is a YouTuber and men's rights activist who uses his attractive girlfriend to his advantage in his career and is obsessed with guns. Obviously, it's not hard to see why Duke ranks lowest among Glass Onion's characters, since he's been made to be deliberately arrogant and likable. All that said, Duke is brilliantly played by Bautista, his usually lovable self disappearing into one character Hate is fun.

On top of that, Duke was deliberately written to be disliked by Johnson, and MCU regular Dave Bautista stepped up to convey this in the Glass Onion movie episode. Despite Duke's love-hate relationship and Bautista's performance, his death midway through the film means he doesn't shine as much as the rest of the cast. This, combined with Duke's underwhelming aspects, puts him at the bottom of Glass Onion's many fantastic roles.

Lionel Toussaint

Lionel Toussaint - Miles Bron and Alpha's top scientist - played by Leslie Odom Jr. The scientist's low ranking is purely due to the character's much more serious personality. While Odom Jr. was great in the role and endowed Lionel with a quiet, level-headed intelligence rarely seen in Netflix's Glass Onion characters, Lionel's quiet demeanor was nowhere near that of his peers. The antics are funny. Furthermore, Lionel's work as Alpha's chief scientist gave him incredible qualities despite his willingness to endorse Klear despite its risks to the public. For these reasons, Lionel ranks among the last three roles in The Glass Onion.

Andi Brand

As Glass Onion's central twist allows, Janelle Monáe's Andi is The first of two roles played by the actress. For the first two acts of The Glass Onion, the movie makes audiences think that Andy is the guy from Miles Island before pulling back the rug to reveal that Andy is the former's twin sister, Helen. After this, Andy only appears in flashbacks and has a minor role in the film. While it might seem hypocritical to place Andy above the likes of Jessica Henwick in the film, Andy's plight is one of the film's more visceral situations.

Andy's backstory is rather tragic, which makes her more sympathetic than most other characters. Andy's sad backstory, from losing his company to his death at the hands of Miles, means the character remains firmly in the minds of viewers despite his modest appearances in the film. This, combined with Monae's stellar dueling performance, ranks Andy as Glass Onion's seventh-best role.

Claire Debella

One of the central characters in Glass Onion is Claire Debella, played by Kathryn Hahn. Claire was the governor of Connecticut and was running for the Senate before heading to Myers Island. One of the main factors that elevates Claire's role in the film is the Hahn himself. As seen in most of Hahn's work (most recently WandaVision), she can throw herself into any comedy script in a way that many other actors can't. Hahn delivers these moments flawlessly throughout the entire episode of Glass Onion, allowing Claire to rise above her disappointing lack of screen time and depth.


At first, Madeleine Klein's Whiskey is portrayed as being just as unlikable as her boyfriend Duquesne, with Johnson's non-linear narrative portraying her as romantically unfaithful. Later in the Glass Onion, however, the whiskey becomes deeper and more sympathetic. Instead of being relegated to Duke's girlfriend, whiskey has gained even more dimensions. After revealing that Whiskey wanted to get a law degree and escape Duke's manipulative ways, Whiskey immediately became more likable. Combined with her spear defense and decisive but false accusations, Whiskey cements herself as one of Glass Onion's more simply charming characters.

Birdie Jay

The top four Glass Onion characters are Kate Hudson's Birdie Jay. Interestingly enough, Birdie is almost as unlikable as Duke Cody et al, yet has a surreal appeal thanks to Kate Hudson's wild performance in the role. hudson indoctrination Jay Chou's total lack of common sense is almost likable, which makes her some of the funniest scenes in the movie.

This, combined with the raucous way in which Birdie takes over nearly every scene she's in, makes her one of the most memorable characters in the film - considering Glass Onion's many memorable cameos, This is not an easy task. Despite her lack of empathy for everyone around her, which is heightened by the movie's pandemic backdrop, Birdie Jay looks downright funny, putting her above the film's other characters.

Miles Bron

Edward Norton's Miles Bron is the billionaire tech bro in the background of Glass Onion. The role is flawlessly played by Edward Norton, who effortlessly captures the narcissistic traits of the wealthy billionaire, aiming to be compared to the likes of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. On top of that, Brown's easy-going nature makes him almost likable at first, only to be revealed as a utterly incompetent murderer and an intolerable human being after the film ousts Andy from Alpha. All of this makes Bron one of the film's more compelling characters, given his transformation from obnoxious but harmless billionaire to conniving and amateur villain.

Benoit Blanc

taking Silver went to Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc. As with the first film, Blanco is second only to the true heart of the Glass Onion in terms of other roles, and remains one of the best modern detective creations. Daniel Craig's performance is once again exceptional, ranging from quirky, outlandish hilarity to a somewhat awkward, withdrawn but heartfelt empathy that many actors can't match. Blank is again eccentric and bombastic, while still being a very competent detective. As with Knives Out, The Glass Onion provides enough of Blanc's backstory to keep him interesting and make audiences want to see more of the detective in Knockouts 3.

Helen Brand

However, Best New Character crown for Glass Onion goes to Janelle Monáe for her second performance as Helen, Andy's identical twin sister. Similar to Ana de Armas' Marta in the first Knockout movie, Helen is the real heart of the film. Like her predecessors, she's a lovable everyman in a cast of rich, eccentric folks.

Since the rest of the characters are basically persona non grata, Helen stands out from the crowd as the film's moral compass, trying to find Her sister's murderer and avenged her death. This, combined with Monae's performance and Helen's relationship with Blanc, makes her a standout in The Glass Onion. In fact, the only real downside to Helen Brand as a character is that audiences probably won't see more of her in Fallout 3.

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