Doctor Who presents the answer to Baby Yoda

Doctor Who's 100-year-old special will feature Beep the Meep, the show's answer to Baby Yoda -- but one that subverts delightful Star Wars tropes.

Doctor Who's 100-year-old special will introduce viewers to the Beep, a hilarious answer to Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian season 1 launched alongside Disney+, and one particular element went viral immediately. The first episode introduced audiences to a Lucasfilm character named "The Kid," but he was soon dubbed "Baby Yoda." The delightful little alien was a hit, though, ironically, Disney may regret the lack of prior marketing. House of Mouse is estimated to have missed out on millions of dollars in initial sales.

Of course, every studio and TV show is trying to find a way to repeat Baby Yoda's success. The best example so far is Marvel's attempt to maximize Baby Groot's potential, even releasing a series of Baby-Groot-centric TV shorts. Even Doctor Who is trying, with the recent Centenary Special trailer showing a character named Beep the Meep for the first time. Beep the Meep, which actually pairs well-known characters from the comics and audio series, is finally making its live-action debut — and, ironically, in a special that will be released worldwide on Disney+.

Doctor Who's Beep The Meep Explained

Beep the Meep only appears in one brief shot, but it's undeniably Has the same cuteness factor as the characters in the manga. It looks like one of the upcoming Centennial specials will be an adaptation of the comic book story "Doctor Who and the Astral Beasts," in which the Doctor stumbles across a cute alien creature while on the run from the ferocious Wrath Warrior. The trailer includes footage of Rage Warrior and Beep Beep, and even a spaceship recognizable from the comic book adventure.

Why Beep The Meep Is MORE Than Just Another Baby Yoda

But the "new" creature in the Doctor Who 100-year special is much more than a simple riff on Baby Yoda. In the comics, the Doctor eventually realizes that Beep the Meep is actually the villain - an interstellar warlord leading an invasion campaign across the galaxy of Rage, and that the Warriors of Rage are actually interstellar police trying to apprehend one of the worst criminals in the universe. 1. Beep the Meep's cuteness is a weapon, because it means that others automatically side with him, thereby blinding him to his true evil. In a sense, then, Beep can be seen as the antithesis of Baby Yoda - because he's a total villain.

Doctor Who Always understood the importance of attracting villains. After all, Daleks were key to Doctor Who's success in the 1960s; their introduction in 1963 led to a British phenomenon known as "Dalekmania," as schoolchildren played Dalek and yelled "Exterminate" to each other. No doubt, returning showrunner Russell T. Davies took note of the popularity of characters like Baby Yoda and Baby Groot, and decided to turn cuteness into a villainous characterization. to reverse this trend. It's a smart approach - even if it does look interesting, since his Doctor Who era will be streaming on Disney+, which means the subversive version will sit alongside the Marvel and Lucasfilm characters, who directly play simile. It will be exciting to see if the comic book monster Beep becomes a recurring enemy of the Doctor.

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