Did James Cameron deliberately copy Titanic in 'Avatar 2'?

The scenes in Avatar: Way of Water are so similar to James Cameron's Titanic, so identical, that it's impossible not to watch.

Avatar: The Way of Water has an incredibly emotional ending, but it seems like the film may have sneakily copied one of James Cameron's previous films: Titanic. Titanic, a fictional love triangle set against a real historical shipwreck, quickly became the highest-grossing film of all time when it was released in 1997, before being overtaken by Cameron's next film, Avatar. Years later. Clearly, some of Cameron's previous work is expected to seep into Avatar: Way of Water, but questions remain about whether the sequel's ending is a pure Titanic homage or a rip-off.

Avatar: Way of Water is the long-awaited sequel to the 2009 film Avatar, the box office smash that launched James Cameron's most successful franchise. The sequel takes place years after the original film, with Jake Sully and his family leaving the Omatikaya clan after the reincarnation of Colonel Quaritch returns to the planet Pandora. The fleeing Na'vi headed eastward and encountered the Metkaina clan who lived in the sea, encountered various new wonders, such as the whale-like Turkun, and new dangers, such as the map of RDA. Er Kun hunter.

Avatar: The Way Of Water's Similarities To Titanic

Avatar: The third act of Way of Water climaxes with a thrilling naval battle in which the Na'vi attack the RDA ship with various sea animals, Captain Quaritch and Jake Sully's children. The grand finale of the battle began after several parts of the ship exploded, causing the massive sea-going ship to sink, and the pitched battle between Jack, Neytiri, and Quaritch continued. Considering that this is a James Cameron movie that ends with a relationship drama that ensues as the ship sinks, it's almost impossible not to think of James Cameron's Titanic, which ended almost entirely same.

While Avatar: Way of Water's ending is strikingly similar to Titanic, the film also makes several choices that are nearly identical to the Leonardo DiCaprio-directed film. At one point, Neytiri and Tuk can be seen walking through the ship's hallway as water splashes in, filmed in a manner similar to the Titanic. There's even a scene where the Na'vi can barely keep their heads above the rising water, and Cameron uses the same claustrophobic cinematography as in the big Titanic sinking scene. Although the film tells Different stories, it's impossible not to compare Avatar: Way of Water to Titanic.

James Cameron Repeated More Than Just Titanic

Although Titanic is the clearest film in James Cameron's Avatar: Way of Water references, it is far from the only one. The final battle plays out similarly to the one in Terminator 2, with the battle set against a backdrop of flaming steel while the two enemies fight using chains and other metal objects. The film's villain, Colonel Quaritch, is even a bit like the Terminator himself, acting as a nearly unstoppable force with one goal: to kill Jack Sully.

The sequel also repeats another famous sequel, Alien, with RDA's giant mech suit similar to that worn by Ripley. Even elements from The Abyss, a film known for its water-based environments and groundbreaking water effects, are elevated. Avatar: Way of Water is a love letter to James Cameron's previous films, citing some of his greatest works, including Titanic.

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