DC's New Superman Finally Has His Own Nemesis

Jon Kent's Superman now has his perfect nemesis in the DC universe with truly dangerous powers that could literally slay the new Iron Man.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Superman: Son of Kal-El #18

In the latest installment of DC Superman: Son of Kal-El, Jon Kent finally has his own unique nemesis. Possessing incredibly dangerous powers deadly to Kryptonians, the new villain known as Red Sin is determined to kill Jon and his father Clark, the original Superman Iron Man. Coming out of the tradition of abhorring Superman, Red Sin's debut proved just how perfect he was as Jon's counterpart.

Jon Kent and his father prepare to face Luis Rojas in new Superman: Sons of Kal-El #18 with Tom Taylor, Sian Tomei and Luali Coleman, That is red crime. Born of two Lexcorp scientists who dedicated their lives to helping Lex Luthor kill Superman, Luis took on their mission to permanently combine their "Red Sin" project with himself, gaining the ability to replicate Krypton's red solar radiation, thus Strips any Kryptonians within range of their abilities. However, Jon took some precautions, which resulted in Rojas' arrest (though not for long), just in case.

DC's Red Sin Has Dangerous Powers (And Even Darker Allies)

Related: DC Officially Stops Hiding Superman's Huge Rage Problem Luis Rojas is a truly dangerous enemy with a very personal mission. Blaming the original Superman for their parents' deaths, it seems like the new Red Sin won't rest until all Kryptonians are dead. He made their extinction his entire identity and raison d'être.

While Jon and Clark manage to send Red Sin to prison by the end of the issue, Lex Luthor's secret meeting with Lois certainly doesn't bode well. Lex pledged to honor his parents by killing Superman, welcoming Red Sin eager to join him in his ongoing master plan against the Kryptonian father and son. Thus, Lex and Luis will be united as their respective enemies.

It appears that Luthor is putting together a top-notch Superman Revenge Squad consisting of Metaro and Manchester Black. With that said, there's no doubt that Red Sin will be specifically aimed at Jon's Superman release. They're both products of DC's biggest legacy and the most classic rivalry between Luthor and the original Superman. Superman: Sons of Kal-El #18 is out now from DC Comics.

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