DC Reclassifies Joker Murdering Robin with a Stunning Modern Bend

The Passing of Jason Todd was aggravating, but indeed more exasperating is the reality Joker arranged it for a long time some time recently assembly the moment Robin.

Warning: contains spoilers for Batman/Superman #10!

The Joker has committed numerous reprehensible wrongdoings in his time as Batman's curve adversary, but one of the darkest things he ever did has as of late been given a stunning unused bend by DC Comics - putting Joker's kill of Robin in a much darker light.

Perusers get to see a startling disclosure in Stamp Waid and Dan Mora's Batman/Superman #10. Joker has kidnaped Superman's unused sidekick, Boy Thunder. Whereas it's never a great thing to urge kidnaped by the Joker, the foremost aggravating portion is that Joker is persistently brandishing a crowbar in all his intuitive with Boy Thunder. Usually concerning since a crowbar played an famous part when Joker killed Jason Todd. But it goes from concerning to frightening when considering the reality Batman/Superman #10 is set amid Dick Grayson's time as Robin, which is a long time some time recently Jason indeed met Joker.

Way back in Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo's notorious Batman: A Passing within the Family, Jason Todd was seeking out for his long-lost birth mother. Tragically, he found that she was being coerced into working with Joker. When Jason found out, he attempted to spare her, as it were for her to deceive him and hand him over to Joker, who continued to defeat Jason to inside an inch of passing some time recently slaughtering him with an unstable bomb. Jason's passing was terrible for Batman and perusers alike, but it was moreover treated as an deft wrongdoing by Joker, who couldn't accept his luckiness when the Boy Ponder fell into his hands. In any case, Joker's behavior to Boy Thunder recommends he continuously arranged a kill just like the one in A Passing within the Family.

Joker Always Planned To Kill A Sidekick

Boy Thunder came onto the picture long some time recently Jason Todd got to be Robin, but Joker clearly as of now has his heart set on slaughtering the adolescent sidekick of a major hero. This makes Jason's passing appalling in a entire other way, as he didn't fair drop afoul of the lowlife whereas attempting to do great, but at long last gave Joker the opening for a years-old arrange. Indeed the lines within the unique story take on unused meaning with this uncover - particularly Joker saying that murdering Robin is "something I've needed to do for a long time." This, it presently appears, wasn't an sit still thought, but a objective Joker had worked towards with Boy Thunder. This enterprise includes an additional layer of catastrophe, since it affirms that Batman and Dick Grayson had seen numerous of the components of Jason's passing long some time recently they played out - no ponder the Dim Knight faulted himself after Joker really got his wish.

The Joker murdering Jason Todd was a shocking minute that nearly crushed Batman, and presently fans get it it on a unused level - not as an unforseeable catastrophe that the moment Robin deplorably meandered into, but as a essential objective Joker endeavored to carry out with Boy Thunder a long time prior, and which Batman still couldn't halt happening to his ward.

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