DC could still make Stan Lee's last bucket list item come true

One of Stan Lee's closest collaborators has revealed that the legendary comic book creator left one thing on his bucket list, and DC could make it happen.

Spoilers for Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 by DC Comics

^ DC could fulfill one of Stan Lee's last bucket list items by turning his version of Justice League into an animated film. We spoke with Michael Uslan, a close collaborator of the late comics legend, about bringing Lee's world of DC heroes to life. Uslan revealed that Lee has always wanted to see the character brought to life in the animated film.

In our extensive conversation with Michael Uslan, who worked with Stan Lee on bringing new versions of the Justice League heroes into his Just Imagine universe in the early 2000s, the writer and The filmmaker revealed that Lee has one last item on his bucket list that needs to be crossed off in his career. He shared this after Lee cameoed on Teen Titans Go! For movies and appearing in the DC Universe, he left one thing in his career that he wanted to see. According to Uslan, the late comic book legend wanted to see the star of his Just Imagine universe in the animated film.

Stan Lee's Just Imagine Universe worked closely with several talented artists and creatives to release new versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and more iconic DC characters. Lee's exceptional storytelling leads to major changes in the heroes' origins, secret identities, and powers, all reimagined in his signature Marvel style. Uslan revealed that Lee would love to see these heroes animated in the film - as it was one of the last bucket list items on his list.

Uslan shared that he hopes the upcoming Earth Story 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee anthology will generate enough interest to fulfill one of Lee's last wishes. Given the uniqueness of the Just Imagine heroes, they're a good fit for the DC animated universe, as it would be fun to see them get the animated treatment.

If you saw the animated feature film Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, Stan has an absolutely hysterical cameo in that. And that was literally in the waning months of his life. So he was thrilled to do that. But the other thing that was on Stan's bucket list, he says Michael, these, Just Imagine heroes should be done in animation. He goes, I know with their name, and my name attached, they could be really commercially viable. It could open up new merchandise, it could be a whole new thing. And he always wanted to see them done in animation. And I think it's something I would love to see.

DC could fulfill Stan Lee's last bucket list item by making the world of Just Imagine an animated film. It seemed like an easy thing to do, since it would certainly generate enough interest to make it worthwhile, since Lee's name-worth and different versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman appearing on the small (or big) screen seemed like a brilliant idea . Until then, readers can see Stan Lee's Justice League Returns to Earth 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 at DC Comics, which arrived in comic book stores on Tuesday.

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