Criminal Minds JJ Performing artist Is Sure Matthew Gray Gubler Will Return

AJ Cook uncovers she is certain that Matthew Gray Gubler will in the long run repeat his part as Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds: Advancement.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 4.

^ JJ performing artist AJ Cook is sure that Matthew Gray Gubler will inevitably return as Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds: Advancement. After playing the BAU's boy virtuoso for 15 a long time, Gubler missed another opportunity to play Reid on Paramount+'s restoration of the police procedural. At first, it was detailed that the on-screen character chosen to skip the extend inside and out, but Criminal Minds: Advancement showrunner Erica Messer along these lines clarified a planning strife really anticipated Gubler from joining the appear. Whereas there isn't any concrete sign he will eventually get included within the reboot, Cook is cheerful he will be back as Reid.

Talking with Collider, Cook opened up almost Criminal Minds: Advancement and the method of bringing the BAU back together. The Vital+ appear debuted fair two a long time after the CBS adaptation of the police procedural wrapped up. Cook already uncovered she nearly didn't return as JJ when she learned that Gubler wasn't included. In spite of this, she's certain he will in the long run repeat his part as Reid on Criminal Minds: Advancement. Studied her full cite underneath:

Criminal Minds: Advancement scene 4 pulled a JJ and Will plot bend, uncovering that he may have cancer. The stunning turn of occasions came at an unforeseen time as the combine shows up to be rekindling their sentiment taking after a few a long time of battle. It's troublesome to say where Criminal Minds: Advancement is going with this storyline, but it's worth noticing that some time recently the CBS arrangement finished, it prodded the thought that JJ and Reid may be endgame impractically.

I understand that he couldn’t do it right now. We all would love for him to come back, at any moment, and he knows that. I think he will come back, at some point, to play.

How JJ’s Criminal Minds: Evolution Story Sets Up Reid’s Potential Return

In one of the greatest plot turns of Criminal Minds, JJ confessed that she had sentimental sentiments towards Reid. Already, it had been built up that Reid too had a pulverize on his long-term co-worker and best companion, but since she was hitched with kids, he chosen to keep those sentiments a mystery. When it was uncovered that the fascination may be shared between them, fans were partitioned over the thought. Numerous of them pointed out it was pointless considering JJ's marriage to Will.

In case something happens to Will, at that point Criminal Minds: Advancement can at last move forward with the unique series' sentiment plot line. That would cruel Gubler would need to return to the police procedural to repeat Reid. Whether or not that will be the way the Vital+ appear takes is troublesome to say at this point. But it appears compelling sufficient to possibly persuade Gubler to at last make time for Criminal Minds: Advancement.

Criminal Minds: Advancement discharges unused scenes each Thursday on Foremost+.

Source: Collider

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