Celebrimbor's Changing Ring of Power Explains the Mystery of Sauron

Celebrimbor's description in The Rings of Powers differs significantly from Tolkien's original, but this change may be important later.

The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power introduced audiences to the great elven blacksmith Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards), but he's a very different persona from J.R.R. Tolkien's original description of the character. The Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings delves into Tolkien's myths about the Second Age of Middle-earth, including the infamous Forge of the Ring and the creation of Sauron (Charlie Wickers). Celebrimbor is one of the most prominent figures of Middle-earth, descended from a very powerful and noteworthy line of Elves from the First Age.

Celebrimbor's ancestor Fëanor was also a great Elven smith, responsible for creating the Silmarils. Many were fascinated by the light of the Silmarillion, even Morgoth, Middle-earth's greatest enemy, and Feanor became fanatical in protecting his creations. Fëanor's ferocious temperament and fierce hatred of Morgoth are legendary, which makes it all the more interesting for Tolkien to describe that his descendant Celebrimbor in particular did not inherit these strong qualities. The Ring of Power changed the depiction of Celebrimbor quite drastically, but the change could solve one of the show's biggest Sauron-related mysteries.

Celebrimbor's Rings Of Power Change Makes Sense

Ring of Power Celebrimbor has a dark feeling inside. He is ambitious, obsessed with matching Fëanor's heritage and skills. This jealousy is more like Tolkien's way of describing humans than elves. Although Tolkien never took the time to provide a history outlining Celebrity's true importance in Middle-earth lore, he stated that Celebrity did not inherit Fëanor's dark qualities. However, Ring of Power's change to Celebrimbor's character was a necessary choice, as it would explain how and why he allowed himself to be fooled by Sauron's Anatar guise in Ring of Power season 2.

The forging of the Ring is one of the most pivotal moments in Middle-earth's history. In Tolkien's books, Sauron, disguised as Anatar, tricks the elves of Eregion into forging rings so that he can secretly imbue them with his malice and create the One Ring. However, in the Ring of Power, Galadriel, Elrond, and potentially Celebrimbor all know that Sauron has infiltrated Eregion, even helping them figure out how to shape Mithril. This historic change required a darker version of Celebrimbor to allow Sauron to return to Eregion in Season 2 as Annatar. Celebrimbor's ruthless determination blinded him to Anatar's true intentions.

Celebrimbor's Rings Of Power S2 Arc Could Change Him Further

The relationship between Celebrimbor and Annatar/Sauron was not thoroughly explored in Tolkien's work, so Ring of Power had the opportunity to explore its darker version of Celebrimbor. If Celebrimbor in Rings of Power inherited Fëanor's darker ambitions, then an interesting parallel could form between Sauron and the elven smith in Rings of Power season 2. In Season 1, they're all skilled craftsmen and cunning inventors trying to rid themselves of the legacy of their predecessors. Celebrimbor wants to surpass Fëanor, and Sauron wants to surpass Morgoth.

The relationship between Celebrimbor and Sauron could shed even more light on the feud dynamic between Fëanor and Morgoth, which would give the author of The Ring of Power the scope to explore the First Age of Middle-earth further without going beyond what Amazon bought The boundaries of rights come from the Tolkien estate. Celebrimbor's morally ambiguous personality makes for compelling storytelling and makes the Ring of Power narrative more surprising than initially anticipated. Celebrimbor and Sauron's relationship may represent the most important storyline in The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power Season 2 and beyond.

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