Casting Aaron Taylor-Johnson As The Modern Bond Pays Off A Kingsman Bother

Reports are connecting Aaron Taylor-Johnson to be the following James Bond, which on the off chance that it happens, could be a culminate payoff to The King's Man's last scene.

Reports are connecting Aaron Taylor-Johnson to the James Bond part, and his casting would (inadvertently) pay off a Kingsman establishment bother. Daniel Craig authoritatively resigned as Bond taking after 2021's No Time To Pass on, and it didn't take long for rumors to fly around who would succeed him. Nearby the normal Bond contenders such as Henry Cavill, a report by The Sun states Aaron-Taylor Johnson has risen as the frontrunner for the portion. Taylor-Johnson has bounty of major up and coming motion pictures like Kraven the Seeker, but he's too connected to a spin-off to The King's Man.

2021's The King's Man was the third section within the arrangement but served as a prequel enumerating the roots of the spy organization. Taylor-Johnson played a little part as Archie Reid, who gets to be the primary "Lancelot" of the bunch. This prodded a much bigger part for the performing artist in a proposed spin-off, in spite of the fact that the movie's tepid gathering puts that in question. The Kingsmen movies themselves are a return to the Roger Moore Bond motion pictures, so on the off chance that Taylor-Johnson does arrive the 007 part, that would be a much superior payoff for the on-screen character than fronting The Kingsman 2.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Fits The Bond Franchises Criteria

Establishment co-producer Michael G. Wilson expressed in a 2022 chat with the BFI that the following Bond will likely be "thirty-something." This implies the following Bond is ancient sufficient to form it convincing he's had involvement within the spy diversion, but youthful sufficient that the unused performing artist can play the portion for numerous movies. Taylor-Johnson turned 32 in 2022, meaning he's a prime candidate. The performing artist has had bounty of encounter with activity parts as well, from the Kick-Ass duology to his supporting part in Christopher Nolan's Principle. The entry of Kraven in 2023 will too see his star rise.

In spite of featuring in a few major motion pictures, Taylor-Johnson still hasn't very gotten the part that would break him through to major fame. Craig was an acclaimed character on-screen character some time recently his Casino Royale adjustment, but that Bond excursion rapidly changed his career. Being cast as 007 would do the same for Taylor-Johnson, and the reality he's British and very nice looking to boot won't harmed his chances either. It's small ponder Matthew Vaughn thought he'd make a extraordinary 007 avatar for a Lords Man continuation, but this can be the uncommon occasion where the Bond adventure picks up motivation from the Kingsmen movies.

How Likely Is It That Aaron Taylor-Johnson Will Be The Next Bond?

Of course, Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be a long way from being affirmed as the another 007. The Sun isn't precisely the foremost solid source when it comes to Bond casting news, and series co-producer Barbara Broccoli told Due date in June 2022 that the following film was at slightest two a long time off, which "Nobody's within the running" in terms of casting. That said, the James Bond motion picture makers are likely difficult at work characterizing 007's following chapter and investigating casting. Taylor-Johnson may be a solid contender for a few reasons, but there will be no shortage of performing artists looking for out the part. Meanwhile , perhaps he scratch that tingle on the off chance that The Rulers Man continuation does press ahead.

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