Brian Michael Bendis Pays Tribute to Stan Lee's 100th Birthday

Writer Brian Michael Bendis recently shared a 2018 tribute comic about his relationship with Stan Lee in honor of the Marvel creator's 100th birthday.

On December 28, 2022, Stan Lee will celebrate his 100th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, writer Brian Michael Bendis recently shared a short comic created shortly after his death,

Shared via Bendis's Jinxworld newsletter, the short comic was originally Created after Stan Lee's death in 2018. Bendis writes: "While passing by at the time of his death, my friend George at the New York Times asked me to write down my recollections. George connected me with Bill Walko and we created this New York Times op-ed." Mini-comic." The four-page story, titled "My Moments with Stan," details Bendis meeting Marvel creator Stan Lee at various stages of his life, from budding amateur to seasoned professionals.

Brian Bendis’ Comic Book Tribute to Stan Lee

In this short comic that perfectly sums up Stan's place in popular culture, Bendis claims that the Marvel chairman emeritus is as famous as Walt Disney and Ronald McDonald. It also showcases Stan's sly sense of humor, as young Bendis encounters Stan at the Cleveland parade and is shocked when Stan seems to know his name. A stunned Bendis hesitantly asks how the man could possibly know who he is, to which Stan replies, "You're wearing a Name tags, dumbass. Bendis and Wilkes also portray the adult Bendis meeting Stan for the first time, when director Sam Raimi invited the two to watch early footage from 2002's Spider-Man. As Bendis says, Stan was seven years old. Ten years old, but by then he had nearly thirty film cameos in his career.

In many ways, Bendis was the perfect tribute to Stan, given the prominence of both writers in Marvel Creator. Brian Michael Bendis penned his first Marvel Comics in 2000 after years of producing his own independent work, and went on to become one of the company's top creators, Until he left in 2018 to compete in the "Outstanding Contest." After his lengthy tenure, Bendis updated Marvel Comics' number one hero with the Ultimate Spider-Man and revamped Earth's most powerful hero with the release of the new Avengers. Mighty heroes, which brought Marvel's premiere superteam back into the spotlight in the mid-2000s. As such, Bendis will always be associated with Marvel Comics in some capacity; Erkes pays tribute to scenes from Comic-Show, where Bendis and Stan were the only creators invited to a special screening of early Spider-Man footage. That's it The legacy of the two creators on the character.

We may have lost Stan Lee in 2018, but creators like Brian Michael Bendis ensure that the man's legacy will outlive us all.

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