Bond No Time To Die Perfect Reward 1 Gold Eyeliner

James Bond's No Time To Die 2021 memorial service as Sean Bean's GoldenEye villain Alec Trevelyan Trevelyan) has paid off as accurately predicted.

Sean Bean's GoldenEye villain Alec Trevelyan predicted James Bond's death 26 years before he had time to die. Over the decades, James Bond has had seven different actors and countless brushes with death. Despite cultural shifts and trends in popular culture, the character's relevance in film and popular media has not diminished, lending 007 an air of invincibility. However, with Daniel Craig's time as James Bond coming to an end in 2021, No Time To Die has done the unthinkable, killing the Legendary MI6 agent.

Although Daniel Craig's James Bond is as skilled as previous generations, he struggles more in his personal life. This James Bond wants to eliminate threats like Blofeld and Suffern in order to enjoy a more peaceful life, and he almost achieves this with Madeleine Swann and their daughter Mathilde, before deciding to pay for the Their safety is sacrificed to themselves. Time is a theme for Craig's Bond in No Time to Die and his previous films, as early as 1995's GoldenEye, mocking the tragedy of his death-death failure to spend time with loved ones.

Bond's NTTD Memorial Is Like What Alec Trevelyan Promised In GoldenEye

In Goldeneye, Alec Trevelyan plans to steal hundreds of millions of pounds and kill his ex-MI6 colleagues James Bond in the process. Convinced of the infallibility of his plan, Trevelyan told Russian General Arkady Ourumov "The truth is that in 48 hours you and I will have more money than God. Here Mr Bond will hold a small memorial service with only Moneypenny and a few A tearful restaurateur in attendance." While Trevelyan was just trying to distract Ourumov at this point, he actually believed Pierce Brosnan's James Bond wouldn't stop him, and he turned out to be right.

As expected, Brosnan's James Bond sabotages Alec Trevelyan's plans and escapes unscathed. But that's not the case with Daniel Craig's Bond. Moneypenny, Nomi, M, Q and Bill Tanner toast Bond after he fails to escape Lyutsifer Safin's base in No Time to Die and his death is confirmed. Long after Bond's death, Alec Trevelyan's prediction of Bond's humble funeral was largely correct, with Bond's closest allies replacing "a handful of tearful restaurateurs".

Why James Bond's No Time To Die Death Had To Happen

Nearly six decades of film history and various suspended animations make it extremely unlikely that James Bond actually died a tragic death. However, Daniel Craig brings a more down-to-earth tone to the character, They were clearly damaged and tired physically and psychologically after each task. Craig's Bond is far from invincible, and he knows he has to stay out of danger once Madeleine and Mathilde come into his life. But after so many unlikely victories, No Time to Die proves that James Bond is ultimately a man. He is neither a superhero nor the eccentric MI6 agents of previous generations. GoldenEye's Alec Trevelyan is just a few decades away.

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