Black Clover just ruined one of its best moments

Chapter 345 of Black Clover replicates a recent event that upends a popular trope that will never happen again.

Warning: Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 345

One of Asta's greatest moments in Black Clover is completely ruined because it's essentially the same thing that happened a while ago.

At the start of the Clover Kingdom vs. Spade Kingdom war, Black Clover subverts one of the main tropes popularized by Dragon Ball by somehow preventing humanity's most powerful heroes who have the best chance of defeating villains against them - usually because of training . The purpose of keeping them apart is usually to increase suspense, maintain conflict, and prolong the suffering of the protagonist's less powerful friend. This ended up happening to Asta in Black Clover Chapter 281, except Asta singled out everything any hero would do in this situation.

Now in Chapter 345 of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover, the same thing happens again. While most of the powerful group of mages known as the Dragon Zen Seven had to contend not only with the manipulated Sister Lily, but also her fellow paladins and a holy dragon, Ashtar continued to fight the Dragon Zen Seven Train with the leader of the human race so that he can master the black Zetten technology coveted by Hino Nation, the Clover.

Asta's Training in Black Clover Plays a Tired Trope Straight

Prior to chapter 281, readers were Be fooled into believing that black clover is just dabbling in a popular trope. While this technically did happen, Tabata made Asta a detour beyond expectations. Asta was trained specifically to defeat the Dark Triad, but instead of going straight to them like most heroes do, Asta of Black Clover helps his allies fight other enemies for 15 chapters until he finally re- Join the Triad in battle against the demon host Dark Dante and then prevent Black Clover's demon lord Lucifero from fully manifesting in their world by destroying his ships. Now, starting with Chapter 345, Black Clover not only repeats recent episodes, but also bows to well-worn tropes that the comics have turned upside down. For Tabata to be successful now, he needs to go beyond what he has done before. But based on how effective his earlier subversion was, that's unlikely, leaving fans uneasy as they wait for the already-delayed follow-up chapters.

Of course, fans are more invested in Asta joining the fight now than when he was training to defeat the Dark Triad. Though they and their demons had been with Still compelling, Asta's current training prevents him from fighting the love of his life, Sister Lily, in Black Clover, who was recently spirit-manipulated to become a villain. The aftermath of this confrontation is more serious and rich than any other confrontation in the history of the series. If only Tabata chose to keep Asta out of battle in other ways than ending his training. I hope "Black Clover" can fool readers again and do something unexpected.

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