Big Brother: Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdeen relationship highlights

Big Brother 24 contestants Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin are officially dating. Some of their best relationship highlights happened at the BB House.

Big Brother season 24 winner Taylor Hale and houseguest Joseph Abdin find true love after the season's finale. Tyler and Joseph struck up a close friendship shortly after moving into Big Brother's house, and their relationship only grew stronger after they were both involved in the formation of The Leftovers Alliance. The Leftovers were originally formed to combat the bullying and exclusion that occurred in Taylor's home, especially from leagues like The Girls Girls and Po's Pack. The groups excluded Taylor and planned to target her for elimination whenever possible. Joseph was an outspoken supporter of Taylor when the majority was against him.

While the other BB tenants apologized after the season for how they treated Taylor, Joseph and Taylor had developed a close bond from the moment the season ended. Fans noticed the connection and rooted for the developing relationship, tracking certain highlights during and after the season. In November 2022, People magazine confirmed that Taylor and Joseph were officially dating. The announcement had fans happy for the couple, though most weren't entirely surprised by the confirmation. Some of the couple's sweetest moments took place during their stay House of Big Brother during the confines of the game and later when they documented their time together on social media.

Taylor and Joseph Planned A Fake Relationship In The BB House

The Leftover coalition is designed to involve members who feel excluded from the majority, and the seven participating tenants thought it would come as a surprise, as no one would suspect they were working together. To keep The Leftovers a secret, Joseph and Taylor briefly considered faking a relationship for fun. Using acting as a strategy in Big Brother isn't an entirely new concept for players, and while Taylor and Joseph ultimately decided against it, the plan seemed to herald a real relationship to come.

Taylor and Joseph Spent Two Days Tied Together

The two cemented themselves as a noteworthy duo later in the season, when Taylor was punished during a game involving being locked on another lodger and picking on Joseph. Some fans found the choice surprising, given Taylor's close friendships with Leftover members Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner. Taylor's decision to pick Joseph suggests she believes he's available 24/7 for in-game conversations, while also hinting at how much the two enjoy each other's company. forced The proximity allowed the two to have a lot of alone time, something Joseph went on to name after the season ended as a major factor in their budding relationship.

Taylor and Joseph Traveling Together After The BB Finale

On the finale night, Taylor's overall Big Brother win and America's Favorite Houseguest kept fans excited, while hints about her and Joseph's future relationship only added fuel to the fire. Taylor said her brief relationship with runner-up Monte Taylor has grown into a friendship. Since then, Taylor and Joseph have regularly hosted live streams together on Instagram, recaps and commentary on the season. Along with several Big Brother alumni, Taylor and Joseph also spent time together at Disneyland in September. Continuing with the travel trend, Joseph will be joining Taylor on a cruise, her reward for winning America's Favorite Houseguest.

Now that Taylor and Joseph are officially married, fans can rest assured that their predictions of a budding romance turned out to be accurate. Although their official announcement came months after the season ended, Joseph himself admitted to PEOPLE, "Our spark started on the show and we decided to wait until the end." The 24/7 element of Big Brother really made the fans Peeking into the real, unfiltered lives of the tenants allows viewers to witness first-hand the highlights of Taylor and Joseph's relationship inside the house. Now that the show is over, fans can follow and support Taylor and Joseph on social media.

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