Best wireless running headphones, ranked (updated for 2022)

Check out this list of the best wireless running headphones of 2022. Here we have a great hands free headset for you!

Humans have been runners since ancient times. While our motivations for running may have changed — our ancestors ran to escape predators, we ran to escape the extra calories from last night’s cheeseburger — the mechanics have remained largely the same. Over the last century, technology has shown us that it's easier than ever to turn running into an enjoyment rather than a dread, which brings us to modern wireless running headphones. For years, runners have had trouble jogging with elephant Walkmans, bulky mp3 players and over-ear headphones. But over the past decade, as music players have shrunk to more manageable sizes, so have headphones, and today's runners have a variety of wireless running headphones to choose from, all small enough to be portable. With varying battery life, headphone designs, and mechanics, it can be difficult to know where to start. We've narrowed it down and separated the chaff from the wheat so you only have to sift out the best. Read on for our list of the top 10 wireless running headphones.

For those of us without a gym, running can A great way to get in your daily workout. It's great high-power cardio that doesn't require any major investment other than a pair of sturdy sneakers. But for runners looking to step up their game, wireless running headphones can dramatically improve performance. Studies have repeatedly shown that music energizes active humans, allowing them to exercise longer and at a higher intensity than they would if they were quiet, boosting your workouts and helping you get through that last mile. While wired headphones are all well and good, switching to a Bluetooth pair can help you cut down on bulk during workouts and reduce the frustration of having to wrestle yourself from a lot of wires after a run to cool off.

Bluetooth Headphones Are Worth It

While Bluetooth headsets may be more expensive than wired headsets, they are both easier to handle and more portable in the long run, with their small custom case and wireless design. Plus, with more and more Bluetooth-enabled running equipment on the market, having a pair of wireless running headphones can come in handy for users who want to leave their phones at home. smart watch and Running watches can serve as an alternative to music, but these devices rarely feature headphone jacks. Having a pair of wireless running headphones makes it easy to connect.

Wired VS Wireless

In terms of design, a good place to start is to know whether the headset is wired or wireless. While all Bluetooth headphones are supposed to have no wires that connect the headphones to the headphone jack, some are connected together by a thin wire that rests on the back of the neck. Usually, these pairs can be more reliably synchronized because they can be manually connected to each other. But for some users, this line can be frustrating, especially since it can bounce around while running. Some designers have turned wired headphones into more ergonomic structures, connecting them with a small piece of plastic skeleton so the wires are hidden and more securely contained. This prevents the wires from bouncing around, but can also be uncomfortable for the user, unless you buy a pair that fits neatly to the contours of your skull without pinching or pinching.

Option two is a true wireless headset. These The headphones come in the form of two matching earbuds. Some earbuds can be used independently, while others require users to sync both earbuds at the same time. These units are slimmer and easier to use, though they sometimes suffer from reliability issues. They're also easy to lose due to their small size, which is why they often come with a charging case for easy storage. These cases also extend battery life and keep your earbuds from breaking if you toss them in your gym bag.


1. Jabra Elite Active 75t

While some may not be aware of the potential latency of wireless headphones, the quality of many headphones is good enough that wireless headphones are preferred over the limitations imposed by using wired headphones.

2. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Especially for runners, water resistance is extremely important. You're likely to sweat while running, and sweat has been known to damage many earphones, so it's imperative that earphones resist sweat.

3. Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds by Anker

Marathon runners, beware. Many people suggest that you should limit headphone use to no more than 60 minutes per day. Any more can cause hearing loss. Also, you should listen to 60% capacity. Taking these steps will greatly reduce the risk of hearing loss from headphones.

4. Bose 774373-0010 SoundSport Free

Beyond the basics like audio quality and sweat resistance, you may also want to make sure the headphones you choose fit snugly. There's no better way to test this than to run with your headphones on, because running makes your head bob around and the headphones will move around if they're not secured.

5. Jaybird Vista

For running purposes, not exactly. Since exercise is generally bad for phone conversations, no microphone is technically necessary. However, since every now and then an emergency arises and you have to answer the phone while running, the mic might come in handy.

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