Being an Avenger is now being used as an insult to the Marvel Universe

Being an Avenger is one of the highest honors a hero can receive in the Marvel Universe, yet some mutants take the term as a surprising insult.

Spoilers for X-Men Annual #1 by Marvel Comics

^ On Krakoa, an X-Men hero learns that being an Avenger has become an insult to some mutants, since Firestar was called up for previously fighting alongside the team. In the first issue of Marvel Comics' X-Men year, Firestar's previous allegiance to the Avengers made her a bad book for some bad guys in mutant heaven, who used the team name of Earth's Mightiest Heroes as a nod to the newest member. Insulting the X-Men.

In Steve Foxe, Andrea Di Vito, Sebastian Cheng, and VC's Clayton Cowles from Marvel Comics' X-Men Year One Issue, Firestar is attacked by a gang of villains on Krakoa. When the hero only recently allied with the mutants, she joined the X-Men, and the mutant crowd was pissed off. When Roulette calls Firestar an "Avenger," the hero can't help but notice that she says the world is like a slur because her time on the superteam was viewed negatively by her attackers.

Mars joining the X-Men has been controversial among Marvel's mutants, as Angelica Jones had previously attempted to separate her mutant genetics from her life. Mars was a member of the Avengers before joining the X-Men this year, Allies and new warriors. So when the energy-generating and manipulative hero finally accepts Emma Frost's offer to join her fellow mutants in Krakoa, she doesn't get a warm welcome. During Firestar's recent confrontation with the Hellions, her past as an Avenger was used as an insult, as her fellow mutants couldn't believe she had been chosen to represent the X-Men.

Firestar's Avenger Past Has Made Her A Easy Target By Her Fellow Mutants

While mutants on Krakoa have every right to be upset about Firestar being cast as a member of the X-Men, despite her past reluctance to be her fellow mutants, it would be rather weak to belittle her by calling her an "Avenger" insult. As Starfire points out, Wolverine, Beast, and now X-Man Havoc have all been part of the Avengers - so she's not the only mutant who fits in with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Ultimately, Mars is trying to make important changes in her life and fight alongside the X-Men while embracing her mutant heritage like never before. But, unfortunately, some other mutants, like Hellions, are reluctant to look back on her time with the Avengers and other super teams, and are using the word "The Avengers" is an insult to the heroes of the X-Men — even if it's disingenuous, since other mutants have joined the team before.

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