Batman’s Genuine Bequest Isn’t Robin, It’s Batgirl

Robin is fundamental to Batman's bequest, but indeed Batman knows that the Batgirls are carrying on his most imperative work: as a guide to youthful heroes.

Warning: SPOILERS for Batgirls 2022 Annual #1

Robin is considered Batman's to begin with sidekick, but it's truly Batgirl who carries on the Caped Crusader's genuine bequest. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon served as Robin and Batgirl at generally the same time in nearly each form of DC progression. Presently Barbara Gordon is carrying on Batman's bequest as a coach in her modern part as pioneer of the Batgirls group.

In spite of the fact that there's now and then this misguided judgment that Batman lean towards to work alone, Bruce Wayne has been preparing sidekicks since essentially the starting of his residency as Batman. From Dick Grayson as the primary Robin to Duke Thomas as the Flag, Batman's bequest includes the numerous youthful heroes he's prepared over the year. It would be simple to expect that the Batgirl mantle would drop beneath his space, but the primary Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, prepared herself and worked exterior of Batman's locale. Indeed after she got to be the techno-spy Prophet, and in spite of her regard and care for Bruce as a tutor, Barbara works collaboratively with but autonomous of Batman.

Not at all like a few of the other unique Batman "sidekicks," Barbara Gordon is additionally the primary to require on learners of her own. Earlier to the coherence reboot caused by Flashpoint, Babs prepared first Cassandra Cain and after that Stephanie Brown as they independently took on the Batgirl bequest. Within the later Batgirls arrangement, Babs has once once more taken Cass and Steph, her individual Batgirls, beneath her wing. Batman himself recognizes Barbara's work as a tutor and coach in Batgirls 2022 Yearly #1 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi, and Dave Sharpe. "I know how you are--" feeling Batman says. "You'd fault yourself in case anything happened to them."

Batman Trusts the Batgirls with His Legacy

Robin is, of course, a key component of Batman's bequest within the DC Universe, but indeed Batman knows that the Batgirls are carrying on his most vital work: as a coach to youthful heroes. Batman compares Barbara's encounters with Cass and Steph with his claim enthusiastic involvement letting his claim mentees into the field—including Babs herself. It's clear he's recognizing Barbara's spinal harm with his calm "...I still do." This discussion between Batman and the to begin with Batgirl—who presently trains Batgirls of her own—demonstrates fair how much Bruce trusts Barbara with the youthful heroes of Gotham, and so his possess bequest as Batman.

All said, indeed in spite of the fact that a number of past Robins—Dick Grayson in particular—have a few encounter in part preparing youthful heroes, no one has committed to being a guide like Barbara Gordon, the primary Batgirl. She has been the guiding light for both Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown for decades, which point is genuinely driven domestic in this Batgirls yearly. Indeed in spite of the fact that Cass and Steph can certainly hold their possess by presently, that's fair advance verification that Barbara's work as both the primary Batgirl and a tutor is an expansion (and enhancement) of Batman's bequest as a part show and coach to youthful Gotham heroes.

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