Batman: 10 Memes That Summarize Dick Grayson's Dating Life

As the main embodiment of DC's romantic cravings, Dick Grayson has enjoyed a number of notable relationships, lovingly rendered with memes.

With Season 4 of the HBO Max series Titans on the horizon, actor Brenton Thwaites returns to reprise his role as DC's most beloved second son, Dick Grayson. As Batman's first Robin, Dick has a long and lifelong history in DC Comics. However, Dick eventually shed his sidekick role to start his own business, adopting the famous nickname Nightwing.

Filled with memorable moments and compelling stories, Dick also earned acclaim from the DC fanbase as a certifiable Casanova. A true lover of the infinite variety of beauty, Dick has captured the hearts of DC fans and many ladies over the years. While most DC fans know Dick's two main ships, Barbara Gordon and Koriand'r, he's dated many others over the years, and the truth is that creative DC fans often become memes.

DickBabs Is True Love

This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Dick Grayson. Barbara Gordon, known to those closest to her as Batgirl, Oracle, or Babs, has an intimate and meaningful history with Dick. However, since Batman-Family #1, these sidekicks of Batman have started something inspiring, building concrete foundations of trust as allies As they grow older, their mutual admiration will give way to romantic affection.

While it seems like the universe itself conspired to keep the two apart for years, fans of the affectionately nicknamed DickBabs will get a lot out of Tom Taylor's performance as Nightwing. After they cohabited and revived their decades-long romance, DickBabs arrived at a stronger, more enduring place, much to the delight of DickBabs shippers across the internet.

Dick's Real Superpower

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Ever since the inception of comic books, fans have used one metric to categorize their favorite superheroes: their power groups. Indeed, differences in levels of superpowers naturally divide heroes into "tiers", such as Omega levels, etc. This division allows fans to appreciate the superpowered heroes they most identify with, like Dick in the DCEU movies.

But, of course, not all heroes' powers are physically recognizable; therefore, readers must dig deeper. For example, most Dick fans will list agile acrobats, skilled hand-to-hand fighters, and expert detectives as Dick's superpowers, while ignoring his real superpowers. So Dick's proven yet unrecognized superpower is his unrivaled ability to attract and attract a plethora of potential love interests, as hardcore fans artistically reveal. All of Washington, D.C.

Epic Fail Dick

Without a doubt, Dick has one of the biggest hearts in DC. But as a human, he's prone to errors in judgment, and nowhere is this more evident than in Nightwing Annual #2. A refocused review of key moments in Dick's dating life, Year #2 falls flat with most viewers, as readers witness Babs being swept over emotional coals by Dick, be it intentionally or not.

Of course, one of the most admirable elements of DC fans is how they go after the brutality of their heroes, even one as beloved as Dick Grayson. So fitting, even though it seemed out of character for him, fans would use the apt meme to admonish Dick to express their displeasure with his behavior.

Height Is Not A Restriction

When first meeting in the critically acclaimed Teen Titans #2, Koriand'r of Tamaran will learn how Earthlings communicate from Dick. From that moment on, as Dick helped Cory adjust to life on Earth and fell in love with Princess Tamarania, fans watched their relationship blossom over the course of 14 years and the flames of love ignited.

DickKory is arguably the most fan-supported ship in Dick's dating life, even having a wedding date set at one point From their countless chemistry in the comics and other DC media. However, while it's clear Kory holds a special place in Dick's heart, for now, it's a friendship.

There's No OTP In The Fandom

All fan favorites contain numerous elements of fanbase engagement. These fundamentals set them apart from other characters and help readers identify with them. In Dick's case, his accessible nature and big heart only added to his heartthrob appeal and highlighted his interest in his dating life in the eyes of many fans.

Completing one of the most complicated dating charts in comics, fans accompany Dick through all the highs and lows. No doubt Dick's fans have come to see his dating life as much about his character as Harry's Circus or Bruce Wayne. As a result, Dick fans have a shared interest in the debate about who he's best suited to pair with, even if their thoughts might cause uproar among loyal fans.

True Canon

Fans are remiss when discussing the details of Dick's dating life, let alone his first relationship with Betty Kane. Created in 1961 by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff as the niece of the original Batwoman Kathy Kane, Bette will be It was believed to be a love interest for Boy Wonder after questions arose about the recurring relationship between Bruce and himself.

Then, in the post-Crisis continuity, Batgirl Bette would be reimagined as Flamebird, Dick's romantically unfeeling ally. Despite this, however, longtime Dick lovers haven't forgotten about Betty, and are eager to remind others of this formative romantic interest in Dick, using the delivery of memes for comedy if necessary.

He Goes Through Phases

In the New 52, ​​colorful Defacer, Shawn Tsang stands out in Dick's dating life. Dick and Sean quickly bonded and started dating. In Shawn, a reformed criminal herself, Dick finds a kindred spirit and proves that criminals can give up their criminal lifestyle and truly reform themselves.

Sadly, Shawn would end up heartbroken by being kidnapped by Deathwing and by the most terrifying Professor Pyg being transformed near the Dollotron. The resulting trauma would shatter their visceral vessel, culminating in Sean's emotional farewell. Still, the famous ship in Dick's life rejected his maturity, a fact discernible to attentive Dick fans.


A welcome variation on Babs or Kori's criteria for who's best for Dick, this aged gem originates from On the critically acclaimed Young Justice series, viewers witness the flirtatious dynamic between Dick and Zatanna unfold. After a couple of harmless kisses between the two young but talented heroes before they embarked on an intense shenanigans, many DC fans took to Reddit.

There, they conceptualized Chalant hybrid art, lovingly taken from Zatanna's encouragement to then-Robin Dick "Be as chalant as you like". Unfortunately, when the Season 2 Invasion storyline unfolded, Dick and Z were shown as regal, leaving fans annoyed at the fate of the magical Charante.

He's The Total Package

One of the hallmark aspects of Dick Grayson's character during his tenure at DC Comics was his ability to inspire romance in many of his characters. Obviously, upon further inspection, the discerning reader will quickly pinpoint the cause of his undeniable charisma and trace it back to the full quintet.

Long beloved by DC fans around the world, Dick possessed the desirable, requisite attributes of wit, talent, humor, and sex appeal. However, as a complete superhero dating package in the DC universe, even Dick's variants throughout the multiverse are highly regarded as potential fathers and romantic partners.

Dick Loves Himself

Learn the sage's motto "Love yourself before you can love others" from a man In the early years, the seemingly boundless love that Dick poured out of his championship code came first from himself. There's no doubt that Dick is acutely aware of his physical and emotional attraction to the many potential mates in the DC Universe. One of Dick's most endearing qualities, however, is humility.

Dick remains one of the most grounded and relatable superheroes today, maintaining lasting friendships with most of his predecessors. But Dick's unique way of loving, caring, and being loved begins within and seeps outward through his actions. As such, the best "ship" that keen fanatic Dick is involved with also happens to be himself.

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