'Avatar 3' could replace Quaritch with a character as villain

Colonel Quaritch was the villain in the first two Avatar films, but Waterway has set up his replacement in Avatar 3.

Colonel Quaritch, the main villain in the original Avatar, returns again in Avatar: Way of Water, but the series finally found his replacement in Avatar 3. Bringing Quaritch back was a brave move for the sequel, turning him into an avatar and introducing his biological son Spider, but the decision really paid off. However, Avatar 3 shouldn't try to repeat the same trick a third time, and it doesn't have to, since Avatar: Way of Water has already set up the perfect choice for the franchise's next villain.

In Avatar: Way of Water, the long-delayed sequel to 2009's box-office hit, James Cameron finally returns audiences to the world of Pandora. The film follows Jack Sully and his Na'vi tribe who are forced to flee the Omatikaya clan due to the return of Colonel Quaritch, who only wants to kill Jack Sully. Quaritch manages to kidnap Spider, Jake and Neytiri's newly introduced adopted son, who the couple took care of after the RDA left him. Spider is Quaritch's son, and Avatar 3 seems to have big plans for him move forward.

Spider Isn't Accepted By The Na'vi (But He Is By Colonel Quaritch)

While Spider is accepted by some Na'vi, including his siblings and his father Jack, he is rejected by others, including his own adoptive mother Neytiri. Spider grew up with the Na'vi and participated in all the cultural and social activities of Omatikaya, but most of the clan refused to accept him because he was human. The troubles started when humans first arrived on Pandora, and after the events of the first Avatar, the clans expelled humans (with a few exceptions). Even though Spider looks like one of them, many Na'vi will never accept him.

Spider's loneliness throughout Avatar: Way of Water begins to be remedied after meeting his biological father, Quaritch. As much as he hated him at first, he eventually fell in love with him, and even saved Quaritch's life after his fight with Jack Sully at the end of Avatar: Way of Water. The Spider even became afraid of the Na'vi, fearing that Neytiri would kill him on board. While Spider-Man seems to still be on the side of the Na'vi at the end of the film, that could all change in Avatar 3.

Avatar 3's Twist Can Make Spider A Villain

"Avatar: Water's ending teases that Spider will continue to grow up and respect his father, and possibly even become a villain in Avatar 3. Omatikaya, who did not welcome him, pushed Spider away, and he began to resent and fear the people who raised him. Rumors have it that there will be a considerable time jump between Avatar 3 and the previous film, which means that Spider-Man's turn as a villain could grow even more between the two films.

However, this is not just speculation. Spider-Man actor Jack Champion recently teased that Avatar 3 will have a major twist, calling the film a "tough left turn." Considering the champion himself was teasing this, the twist might have something to do with his character. Spider-turned-villain could easily be the left turn Champion was referring to, and Avatar: Way of Water already made him a replacement for Quaritch in Avatar 3. water

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