Aquaman 2 hints at Atlantis' conflict with the surface world

Arthur Curry's next adventure will take place in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, where Atlantis may clash with the surface world.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom may involve a conflict between Atlantis and the surface world. Jason Momoa played Arthur Curry several times in the DCU, but it was his 2018 solo film Aquaman that landed him the role of King of Atlantis throne. For Aquaman and the lost kingdom, his next adventure will take some unexpected twists.

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Arthur and his half-brother Orm, aka Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), are said to be teaming up to explore a forgotten underwater kingdom. In addition, Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne will also appear in the film, suggesting that the surface world will play a role in the sequel. In Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, the relationship between the surface and Atlantis may not be the best.

Aquaman Could Be Addressing The United Nations

Set photo Jason Momoa displayed in a since-deleted Instagram post showing Arthur speaking at the United Nations. While Momoa said the scene likely won't be in the film, it does raise questions about why Arthur was speaking at the United Nations. Given Arthur's ties to the Justice League in addition to his status as King of Atlantis, this would make It makes sense that he asks Atlantis to join the UN.

However, Arthur's address may not be strictly a diplomatic address. Under Orm's leadership, Atlantis is already plotting to wage war on Aquaman's surface, which Arthur averts with the help of Mera (Amber Heard) and Volker (William Dafoe) war. With Atlantis already hostile to the surface world's contamination of the seven seas, maintaining peace between the two would be Arthur's goal as a human-Atlantean hybrid. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom may reveal that Atlantis no longer insists on diplomacy to do this.

Why An Atlantean Conflict With The Surface Is Possible

In both Zack Snyder's Justice League and Aquaman, Arthur Curry was a loner with no respect for his Atlantean heritage until he became Queen of Atlantis Only finally embrace it. After the events of the two films, including being forced to work with Orm, Arthur's perspective may change. Specifically, Arthur may discover that Orm isn't entirely wrong about the pollution and general environmental damage the surface is wreaking on his oceanic kingdom.

This doesn't mean Arthur will go straight to the nuclear option as Orm prepares, but it could This suggests that he may have decided that defending Atlantis would require him to be tougher on the surface. Arthur's speech at the UN may have been intended to warn him that he could avoid a war between the surface and Atlantis only if Atlantis would cooperate and end their pollution of Earth's oceans. Atlantis and the surface world have often feuded in the comics. Still, if Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom see Arthur Curry wielding his powers to deliver an ultimatum to the surface world, it would mark a huge change for the DCU.

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