Andor's Diego Luna Teases Star Wars Hero's Season 2 Transformation

Andorra's Diego Luna teases his Star Wars hero's season 2 transformation after taking his first steps with the Rebels in season 1.

Following his first steps in Season 1's Insurrection, Andorra's Diego Luna says his Star Wars hero will undergo more transformations in Season 2. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel covers roughly a full year of Cassian's life thus far, chronicling his escape from Ferrix, the Aldhani heist, the Narkina 5 prison arc, and his emotional return to Ferrix. Through the events of the first 12 episodes, Cassian went from a thief with no purpose to someone who now has a reason to fight.

In an interview with Collider, Diego Luna reflects on his journey as Cassian Andor in Season 1 and teases what's to come for Andor Season 2. The star teased that his Star Wars hero will undergo a major transformation in the next chapter of the Disney+ show, noting that he still has a long way to go before he can become an audience member for the character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Check out what Luna shared below:

[I] think what happens also after prison and in the next episodes is that he understands really what he's fighting against. He understands the need [for] a revolution because he understands what oppression means basically and how little freedom he has, and how unfair the world he lives in is. But there's still so much for him to learn in terms of working as a team... The responsibility he takes on at the beginning of Rogue One is huge. Imagine what has to happen for someone to say he's the right person to do it. Cassian Andor is going to be the person we're going to trust with this. There's a lot for him to discover and a big transformation to come. He's really far from that.

How Andor Is Making Cassian A Great Star Wars Character

Many fans were skeptical when the Andorra series was announced, though now that season 1 is in the books, showrunner Tony Gilroy and his team are in front of and behind the camera already As it turns out, Cassian Andor deserves his own collection. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Cassian was an excellent supporting character in the story of King Erso, but fans have had very limited insight into his past and how it shaped him into the man he was in the 2016 film. The show decided to focus on his personal struggles and eventually decided to take part in the fight against oppression as a symbol of everyone's personal rebellion.

Cassian is not a pre-packaged hero, as the pilot sees him gunning down two company security guards and proceeding to flee. Without knowing it, he runs straight into the arms of Luthen Rael, who joins him in the Aldhani heist, sets him on a hero's journey, and puts him on the path to joining the Rebellion even though he didn't initially Don't buy it. The 12 episodes of Andor season 1 gave the story time to develop at a natural pace instead of taking cheap story shortcuts, earning Cassian character growth through beautiful dialogue and thoughtful themes in nearly every scene Sow the seeds for his future. With a brilliant performance from Luna, they tell a tale of desperation, adventure, And ultimately a personal victory for the greater good. It's a classic Star Wars story told in a dark tone, and it's endlessly riveting because it takes itself and its subject seriously.

What To Expect From Andor Season 2

Andor season 2 is currently in production and is scheduled to wrap up in summer 2023. Luna's comments tease further character development for Cassian, with other cast and crew details hinting at future developments for fierce villain Dedra Meero, desperate freedom-struggling Senator Mon Mothma and troubled Luthen Rael. The show's scope goes far beyond the titular characters of season 1, setting up a series of plot lines that Star Wars fans have already begun to theorize. While a specific release date for Andor 2 has yet to be confirmed, Tony Gilroy has confirmed that it is expected to be released in 2024.

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