All of Ash's companions throughout the Pokémon universe reunite in adorable fanart

All of Ash Ketchum's companions and friends who have traveled with him over the years are depicted in great detail in a charming piece of fan art.

The official release promotional poster celebrates all the Pokémon Ash has trained in his 25-year quest to become the greatest trainer of all time. All partners, and taught in the same time span. It's a true tribute to Ash's massive impact throughout the Pokémon universe.

Although Ash initially began his journey to become the greatest Pokémon trainer on his own, he has met more than a few companions along the way over the years. While he has the ability to hone in on it and achieve his dreams without the help of others, it's always easier with a little help from a friend. Ash is therefore not averse to working with other would-be Pokémon trainers who hope, as he does, to be different tomorrow than they are today. Of course, the variety of characters Ash encounters is limited only by the places he can visit. There is no doubt that part of his ultimate triumph as a coach is based on what he has learned traveling with his peers.

in a gorgeous piece Pokémon fan art recently posted to Twitter Graphic artist, illustrator and Pokémon fan @anjohink honors his feelings for Ash and his impending retirement with a collage of all the companions he met on his way to the top. It's a unique testament to Ash's enormous influence in the Pokémon universe, and confirms that despite his retirement, fans, viewers, and readers will see plenty of Ash's influence on other trainers and Pokémon. wisdom. That is, through his friends, acquaintances, and even enemies, his influence would not wane in his absence.

Ash Has Elevated Each and Every One of His Companions

In honor of Ash and his place in Pokémon lore, @anjohink's piece features all the companions he met on his way to the top. There are fan favorites and maybe Ash's oldest colleagues, Misty and Brock. Without Ash, these two Pokémon Gym leaders wouldn't be as popular as they are today. Then there's Kiawe and Clement, both of whom showcase Ash's ability to get along with just about anyone. Kiawe is Ash's friend as well as his rival. Still, they all found a way to compete and encourage each other. Clement is the personification of the word "geek". However, despite His enjoyment of science and technology has allowed him and Ash to still keep in touch. @anjohink has included all the companions, providing a fun, simple yet utterly satisfying visual history of Ash.

Even Ash's Voice Actress Was touched By This Pokémon Tribute

The fanart was so touching that even Ash's current voice actor responded with a kind tweet. Whether it's a piece of Pokémon fan art or a tribute to Ash Ketchum's work as a Pokémon trainer, @anjohink's work isn't just a fascinating visual history of Ash's rise from "beginner" trainer to the greatest trainer of all time. In charting this progression, fans see and understand how far he has come over the decades and how far he can go if he puts his mind to it.

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