Alien's New Human Hybrid Is the Scariest Alien in Years

A new alien-human hybrid has just been discovered in Alien #4, which may shed light on the origin of the long-heralded "Woman in the Dark."

Warning: contains spoilers for Alien #4 (2022)

The truly creepy Alien #4 (2022) finally reveals the long-heralded xeno-human hybrid - destined to become the "woman in the dark" - as the Alien franchise continues to deepen. Legends confirm that humans have created their own doomsday.

Since the first Marvel Comics Alien series (written by Philip Kennedy Johnson and illustrated by Salvador LaRoca) in 2021, the Alien series has continued to In prophecy of a terrifying humanoid alien, apparently the result of genetic tampering between the xenomorph and human DNA, based on H. R. Giger's disturbing original art for the film series. Now, Alien (2022) appears to finally show the origin of the "Woman in the Dark," as the new Icarus strain of Alien infects a human survivor, turning her into a terrifying, deadly but ultimately sapient Alien-human hybrids.

Alien #4 - again written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with gorgeous, action-oriented art by Julius Ohta - continues the series' focus on "Steel Team," which It was a group of synthetic super soldiers hired by the government to infiltrate the Xenomorph-infested planet Tobler IV to collect a Xenomorph egg because it was believed to have healing properties. Alien #3 sees Team Steel teaming up with a group of human survivors - Unknown To the government - led by a woman named Melody - to retrieve the eggs from the Xenomorph Queen's lair, only for Melody and her team of human survivors to abandon the Synthetics in the Queen's lair, blocking their escape route. Tragically, one of the synths, named Nora, was killed by the Queen - continuing the Alien franchise's fascinating exploration of the true "humanity" of synths, suggesting they may be more human than humans - in Team before the others were able to escape. Meanwhile, Melody's group of survivors has located Team Steel's shuttle, and one member of their group, Lee, has grown ill, spitting out horrific black blood. Back in Alien #3, the synthetic Eli noticed that the human Lee had opened a cage with an alien insect on him, but decided to say nothing, presumably waiting to see what happened.

The Woman In The Dark Finally Emerges

It turns out that the insect was apparently full of alien "proteins", and when it bit Lee, it must have transferred this DNA protein into her body, slowly turning her into the first real alien- Human hybrids. Horrible company Weyland-Yutani is already trying Human-xenohybrids were created, but as expected, their experiments apparently went awry, as their science has now resulted in the creation of the first true xeno-human DNA hybrid. Now a terrifying humanoid with the claws, feet, teeth and tongue of a Xenomorph, Lee slaughtered her entire crew on the shuttle before leading a group of Xenomorphs to the survivors' hideout to continue her bloodbath on humanity destroy. It has been previously suggested that the "Woman in the Dark" can enter the hive minds of past, present and future xenomorphs, allowing her to "travel" through their consciousness to watch her own birth, which is probably the most powerful event that has just happened in Alien Revealed in the pages of #4. While it's not 100% confirmed that Lee is the "woman in the dark" alien-human appearing in Johnson's 2021 Alien series, it's clear that she's at least the origin of the alien's new leader.

Icarus variants - genetically engineered by Weyland-Yutani on Tobler IV - have created xenomorphs with human reasoning and cruelty that standard xenomorphs don't have, and the next step in xenomorph evolution offers more human levels The perception of the deadliest creature in the universe, confirmed as the Weyland-Yutani's greatest crime against humanity in a long list of horrific atrocities, could mean the end of the entire human race among the aliens.

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