Aliens answer Xenomorph vs Jedi questions with R-rated deaths

After years of fan speculation, Aliens has seemingly announced who will win between the Jedi Knights and a group of aliens in the Star Wars series.

Given that both Alien and Star Wars are two of the biggest sci-fi franchises in history, fans will be asking: Who will win in a battle between the Jedi and the Aliens? Well, the latest addition to the Alien lore just answered that question with a gruesome R-rated death.

Although both technically belong to the broader category of science fiction, the Alien and Star Wars franchises are very different. Aliens revolves around the horrors of the cosmic unknown and the dire consequences of human hubris. While it's not exactly "hard sci-fi," Alien does take elements from the subgenre to make the world feel real -- as if this might actually be a human reality in the distant future, and something like the Xenomorph species Something may lurk in the void. Star Wars, on the other hand, is set in a purely fictional world with no basis in reality. Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away where alien life is plentiful, and interstellar travel is a regular occurrence -- if not a daily occurrence. Not only that, but the Star Wars universe has what's known as the Force, a cosmic energy that can be manipulated by a handful of people -- usually Jedi (the light side of the force) or Sith (the dark side of the force). These Force users also wield a weapon known as a lightsaber, which all Jedi and Sith use in combat, with little variation in terms of the physical weapons in their arsenal. Aside from the literal sense of flying through space, there are absolutely no similarities between Aliens and Star Wars, which means that it's almost impossible to make a full-scale argument about who would win between Jedi and Aliens -- that is, until now.

In Alien #4 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Julius Ohta, a synthetic special forces unit called the Steel Team infiltrates a planet infested with Xenomorphs with the sole purpose of stealing Ovomorphs on behalf of humanity. When they arrive on the planet known as Tobler-9, the Iron Squad encounters a group of rogue humans who have survived the xenomorph outbreak. The humans knew where the Hive was and offered to take Team Iron there. However, once they got there, the humans trapped Team Steel inside the hive, so they would be slaughtered by the xenos - though Team Steel wouldn't go down without a fight.

Steel Team’s ‘Lightsabers’ Confirm the Outcome of Jedi vs Xenomorphs

This issue depicts Iron Squad wielding a power blade For the first time in the series, these swords have the exact same function as lightsabers. One member of the team, Nora, battles an entire horde of Xenomorphs and a Xenomorph Queen who holds an energy sword in each hand. While Nora was able to deal some serious damage, Nora proved unable to deal with the sheer amount of xenomorphs, and with the acidic blood splattered on every slice with her laser sword, she was eventually killed by the swarm. This comic is probably the closest fans will get to a Jedi vs. Alien battle, and it seems like there's no doubt about who will win: Alien.

While Nora doesn't have the Force around, it's unlikely that this will make a difference. Remember that during Order 66, even Jedi Masters were overwhelmed by attacking clone troopers despite having the Force at their side - which only proves that the Force doesn't automatically make the Jedi untouchable . Perhaps if a Jedi had been in Nora's place, they could have wiped out more xenomorphs with Force attacks, but in the end that's unlikely to make much of a difference. So, since Star Wars lightsabers (or lightsaber equivalents) proved insufficient to stop the alien horde, it seemed the aliens finally answered the Alien vs. Jedi question with the R-rated death of Team Steel Nora.

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