AEW Ought to Go All In On MJF vs. Bryan Danielson After William Majestic Assault

MJF crossed a line when he assaulted William Majestic on Explosive. This makes a fight between him and Bryan Danielson for the AEW World Championship.

All First class Wrestling might have at last found a way to create swarms boo MJF, as the World Winner conveyed a cheap shot to William Superb on the November 30 scene of Wednesday Night Explosive. A week after Bryan Danielson asked Jon Moxley to save the 54-year-old Superb from physical consequences for interferometer at Full Equip, MJF turned around and cold-cocked William within the head. Both commentary and The American Mythical beast talked almost neck issues, and brain drains for Regal, making it a genuine plausibility that this may be the final AEW fans see of him for very a few time. And conceivably ever, given his long history with Triple H and WWE which he was stretchered out of the ring.

In AEW, in any case, this might set up a huge fight between Danielson and MJF. It'd be a huge bargain for numerous reasons. Tony Khan wouldn't be getting The Salt of the Earth's title rule rolling with a few kids-gloves program. Great as Ricky Starks is, he hasn't been on tv sufficient to weave a two-month story with MJF over the title. At whatever point Starks is on Explosive or Frenzy, he conveys, but he doesn't have Danielson's influence. That's why Danielson would make for such an great to begin with foe for MJF, as he dodges taking duty for his assault on Majestic.

This Is Where AEW Should Have Had Bryan Danielson All Along

AEW is chock-full of underutilized abilities. The list is enormous, as well numerous titles are drifting around, and there isn't sufficient thought given to Frenzy or Dull to form those appears feel profound. Bryan Danielson is the kind of family title that ought to have been able to rise over all that grime, but that hasn't been the case since he debuted. He's frequently put over as the leading wrestler within the world by the commentary group, however he's never been included in a long championship chase.

That's incompletely due to his inclusion with the Blackpool Combat Club. Jon Moxley was World Winner all through the summer, and Claudio Castagnoli held the ROH World Championship for a whereas. That avoided Danielson from chasing either of the two greatest titles within the company, particularly since the TNT Championship has generally been consigned to Friday evenings.

A program against MJF for the AEW World Championship would put Danielson at the best of the card, which is where he ought to have been all along. Of course, the marquee ebbs and streams, and that's a common portion of proficient wrestling. In any case, Bryan is as well great to mull in hot opener region for the rest of his time in Tony Khan's advancement. His foundation in WWE and encounter on the free circuit makes him a idealize amalgamation of master wrestlers that AEW ought to have front and center much more regularly. This quarrel with MJF may have a few genuine legs in the event that booked accurately; there's one huge reason for that.

Bryan Danielson's Motivations Will Be Clear & Create Empathy

Danielson and Executioner Adam Page put on two incredible matches for the AEW Championship in early 2022, but those battles, solid as they were within the ring, needed a certain level of emotionality. The entirety of Explosive doesn't ought to be long-term narrating, and Khan has made it clear that he has no issues putting on matches fair for the purpose of having them on ads. That shouldn't be the case when it comes to the beat title within the company, in spite of the fact that, and Danielson's inspirations will be gem clear as he stops at nothing to urge his hands on MJF. Getting fans to boo Friedman reliably will be troublesome. Bryan Danielson looking for retaliation for his fallen coach would be a extraordinary beginning point.

AEW didn't manufacture Bryan's relationship with William Superb for the purpose of tv. That's an worthy narrating strategy, but wrestling can reach a modern level when genuine life gets to be blended with the in-ring work. Particular previous WCW and WWE promoters took this way as well distant, but in this occasion, Tony Khan has the opportunity to tell a high-end, enthusiastic, and nuanced story over the coming months. He has all the time within the world to form each beat tally since the another AEW-branded pay-per-view isn't until Walk. That'd be a long title chase, and Khan would ought to use caution not to burn fans out on it.

But MJF isn't getting to be on television all the time, and he certainly isn't attending to be binding up the boots to guard the title each week like Moxley. Amid his promo and some time recently he ambushed Majestic, Friedman said as much. He expressed that he wouldn't be working matches unless they're on pay-per-views, and he extraordinary to hold onto the World Championship until the Offering War of 2024. Danielson is known for his overwhelming strikes and take-no-prisoners fashion. It was his discuss of solid fashion that gave the Blackpool Combat Club their personality. As such, AEW fans will be throbbing to see him at long last get his hands on MJF. Do not be shocked in the event that he needs to go through each part of The Firm already, in spite of the fact that. There's a ton of cash in title chases. Particularly when they include Bryan Danielson. This can be a quarrel that AEW can't manage to slip up on. There's as well much great to be had by getting it pitch-perfect.

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